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Internet as a place has been faced with a major challenge. Personalized cyberspace. The Internet is different for everyone. The network should be everyone’s private space. Every major company tries to do this. Each website tries to show case a platform for personalized user experience. By using multiple APIs to focus on topics and topics of interest, the web has tried and seen all of this. After the “Internal Search Media” event held in San Francisco earlier this year, Google engineers tried to make searching the web and even browsing the web more personalized. Recently, Google has introduced some features, these features are just to make them continue to become the most favorite search engine for ordinary people.


in order to establish a closer relationship with users, Google released another addon on its already huge platform. Named Google-related, it is essentially a Google Toolbar feature, and it is also a Chrome extension. Its main job is to connect users to content related to the content they are browsing. Whenever a user visits a website, the content is concentrated on a particular or celebrity, Google-related bars pop up and bring a series of websites, videos, and images to the content that is being viewed. Click here to get a personalized website. Google image search. Do not. It is not the normal position for us to search for images with a specific query. It’s a place to search for specific images. There you can drag and drop a picture, and then Google can do its magic. In terms of search, this particular service is indeed a spoiler, allowing users to search based on images. Click here to see for yourself. 1 Great Google plus a button. Simply put, it allows Google to give you personalized search results based on the indicators and 1s we publish on the Internet. 1 It can help Google analyze the types of websites we like, so as to provide us with search results that focus on our tastes. In other words, it enables Google to provide us with relevant search results.


A long time ago, Google Voice supported mobile search. But it takes a long time to integrate it on a desktop computer. And on June 14 this year, Google launched a desktop search that supports voice functions. Although the function is still limited to chrome, if we don’t mention the accent issue, it is still an easy use. But yes. Google really does its best to do its best in its particularly good aspects. There is also a Google Now page in the same list. A feature that enables users to reach the search page they want faster. This feature is achieved through pre-rendering technology, which enables Google to display screenshots of the pages most relevant to the search query.


Here are some statistics: Google realized over 2000 specific Search Experiments in 2010. In 2010, Google made about 500 changes to its core algorithm. Now in 2009, Google will return the search term “Dog” in 0.25 seconds [from Mashable.Click Here for the link] In 2011, Google will return 1,350 million results for the search term “Dog” in 0.18 seconds. Google is innovating every day. Google conducts a comprehensive review of its own benchmarks every day. A day at Google is a day created through innovation. In the words of the engineers who brought us Google search: People often talk about “Google search results”, but the fact is that there is no “Google”-at any time, there are 50-200 different versions of our core algorithm. . When you realize that your search results are personalized to you and yourself. To get the most personalized experience-log in to your Google account. This is a series of blog posts focusing on search engines. We hope that guest authors will contribute to this. If you are interested, please use the contact information on the website. Pictures and videos are from Google. This featured image is from Wikipedia and is a screenshot of Google’s first homepage. These videos are from Google’s official YouTube channel. For more information, please visit

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