10 most important SEO design tips

if you’re on your search engine optimization work is very professional, and before you start thinking about “the search engine will think,” put your customers in mind, you will reap more than you sow More gains. If your visitors like your website, chances are that search engines will also like it.

Keeping this in mind, the following 10 tips focus on how to develop your website while taking your visitors into consideration while also conducting effective search engine optimization activities.

Select the appropriate keyword phrases
This is the single most important thing when it comes to optimizing your site for search engines. The words and phrases your potential customers type in the main search engines are the keywords that your website should use in specific areas of the page (see below; optimize page titles and optimize content). There are many useful keyword research tools on the Internet, such as Wordtracker and keyword discovery (both provide trial versions).

However, if you want to know how many people are searching for your target keywords every week/month/year, then you can find very accurate search engine traffic data in Google ad words and/or overture ad campaigns. At the same time (hope ) Create income for your research.

Each page on the website optimization
optimize each page are many sites overlooked, which may be on the home page highly competitive keyword phrases (such as “Irish Hotels”) intense competition and competition on the other key relevant landing page The difference between word phrases (such as “Hotel in County Galway”). After that, they can view the rest of your website, all about “hotels in Ireland”.

Optimized page title
all the major search engines have 100 different algorithms that calculate your web page where should listed for different keyword searches. Putting your keywords in the title description tags of your pages is one of the most important SEO techniques. It will help your website climb the rankings and allow your visitors to remember exactly what your page is. When they save to their “favorites”.

Optimize page content
Sometimes writing content for your website is very difficult. Not only do you need to put the information you want visitors to see in front of them in an easy-to-read way, you also have to remember the keywords that your page is targeting, so that you can get better in search engines Ranking.

One of the best suggestions I have encountered is to write articles for your visitors and include as many keywords as possible. Read what you write aloud to yourself and others. If it sounds stupid… Use soap bubbles, rinse, and repeat.

Creating inbound link strategy
to submit your website to website and article directories is a very beneficial way to drive targeted traffic to your website.

The links in these sites not only allow visitors to visit your site, but search engine “spiders” can easily find your site and index your web pages in search results. If your website does not have a link to it on the World Wide Web, search engines will never find it, and you will never see any traffic from Google or other large websites. This technique of

descriptively labeling your links and images (aka anchor text)
is both common sense and good practice. Just saying “click here” is not enough to help visitors understand what they will find once they click. Describe every text and graphic link on the website as much as possible. When you write your anchor text and alt attributes, you can almost describe the page you are pointing to by using its main keyword phrase. This is an important factor that search engines should consider when ranking your pages.

Make sure your website is spider friendly
Your website looks great. You and your web designer may both be talented graphic designers who can dazzle your visitors with Flash and JavaScript and shame Michael Flatley and his River Dance. However, if your website contains Flash and Javascript, you must know that it is difficult for search engine spiders to read these codes (or thank you for your efforts in the design). The solution to this problem is to provide navigation options, such as static links and sitemaps, to allow crawlers to penetrate your website and index pages in the results. Excessive use of Flash, JavaScript, and images can also result in very slow downloading of web pages. If these file types are used sparingly, your visitors and search engines will appreciate your efforts even more.

Creating new content
when you optimize your site, you will see a trend. If you do something that benefits your website visitors, search engines will reward you for it.

Blogs and forums are an effective and simple way to add new information to the site on a regular basis. However, if your sole purpose of setting up a blog or forum is to get better search engine rankings, then it does not make sense to do so. Just add a forum if it helps your website, and if you have traffic, make it interactive enough to get visitors back. Also, only add a blog if you are interested in talking frequently. Once you have your blog and/or forum, you should optimize them for the same professionalism as any other pages on your website.

Do not think you can fool the search engines
mentioned earlier, “If you do something good for your website visitors, the search engines will reward you for this purpose.”

If you try to deceive search engines by hiding keyword phrases, joining link farms, or any other sneaky practices, your site will be removed from the search engines and it will take a long time for you to re-enter (you must also spend More time to clean up your website before they will accept you).

Provide something unique
If your website offers something unique and interesting for your target market, and it is properly optimized (by applying all the techniques listed above), not only can you rank high in the major search engines, you can also Get additional benefits from forums, blogs, etc. who link to your website. Through other websites, this will send your website more visitors and create more inbound links, which will help it rank better. high. Remember, you want to impress people with human visitors, not search engine robots.

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