10 To avoid costly errors search engines

if you have a website, then you already know the importance of

traffic. Traffic is Internet marketing positioning of

real estate. This is the only thing that really matters. If

you can not generate targeted visitors to your site, you

will not have any sales

owners or designers often the site is

designated for driving the vehicle arrived at the scene. Chiefs

produce elements of traffic is search engines. The

vulgar, you can use advertising, but it is going to cost

you. Use the search engine to generate target

(interested in your product) traffic is the least expensive

method known

Unfortunately, many website owners do not understand the

search engine visibility of the importance of

transportation. They pay more attention to making “beautiful”

websites. This is not to say it was bad, but it is really secondary to

search engine position. I hope the following list of

many common errors committed by the owner of the site will help

you generate more targeted traffic on your site … after

Well, it’s not what you want to do.

The keywords are not used effectively.
This is probably one of the most critical area of site

design. Choosing the right keywords and potential customers

will find your site. Using the wrong, your site will

barely see the traffic

repeat the same keywords
when you over and over again using the same keywords (called

keyword superposition) the search engines may downgrade (or

skip) the page or site

Grab pages from other sites
you have heard or read many times “It is

the Internet and it can” steal icons and text from websites

to use on your website. Don’t do this. One thing is learning

from others who had been there to another person outright

copy their work. Search engines are very clever

usually detect page duplication. They will even stop you

will not be included in their list of

keywords unrelated to the site.
Many unethical website owners try to get search engine

keywords by using completely without treatment to achieve visibility of

their website. They irrelevant keywords on the page

(such as the name of “sex”, a well-known celebrity, the hot

search topic of the day, etc.) to find the meta tag

on the page. Keyword nothing to do with the page

topic. However, since the keyword is popular, they think

this will boost their visibility. This technique is

being considered search engine spam can cause

you want to delete the page (and sometimes the whole site)

search engine listings

keyword filling
a bit like keyword stacking listed above, this means

designated as a graphic description of more than Keywords or

layer that appears on your website by using the “alt=” HTML

parameters. If the search engines find this article

are not really describe the graphic or layer it

is considered to be spam

relies on hidden text
You might think that if you can’t see it, it does

n’t hurt. wrong. . . . Do not try to hide your keywords

or keyword phrases, making it invisible. For example,

unscrupulous designers the keyword set to the same

color as the page background; therefore, making it


to rely on tiny text
This is another version of the above items (dependent on

hidden text). Do not try to hide your keywords or keyword

to make them smaller. Text Size setting

small almost invisible keywords you can do this.

Assume that all search engines are the same.
Many people think that search engines are each

the same rules. But in fact, it’s not. Everyone has their own rule base

and is subject to change. Let it be

learning each of the major search engines need what

high visibility

use of free web hosts
do not use free web hosting, if you’re really serious

search engine visibility and increased traffic. Many

search engines will remove these

free hosts

forget to check for missing web page elements.
Be sure to check every page on your site

integrity, such as missing links, graphics and other

sites on the web site that will do this for free.

It’s just that you

should avoid. Do not succumb to the temptation of these

methods work for you. They harm than good

for your website

you will not only waste a few weeks of effort, and may

Let your website ban search engines forever.

Take the time to learn

to increase search engine visibility and network traffic increases

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