10 ways easier to get website traffic than search engine optimization

Everyone wants to get “organic” or “free” traffic, but in order to keep up with the changing rules of search engine, which is a full-time job. On the contrary, if you build a good content-rich website and do the things on this list, you will get traffic and help you rank at the same time.

Use Pay Per Click (PPC)-Use PPC to get traffic within an hour. Google and Overture (now Yahoo). Before you finish these two things, don’t bother with others. The key is to know the value of your visitors, bid on hundreds of keywords and phrases, split test your ads, and track each keyword, phrase or ad separately.

Distribute your content to your target market-write valuable articles. Distribute this content to other webmasters and let them use it on their website, as long as they keep the link in the “resource box” at the end of each article. Distribute articles through article directories, ezines and distribution services. The key to this work is valuable content.

Submit press releases-often submit electronic press releases, including news of interest to the media and target markets. Because press releases are news, if they are picked up, it will be very fast, and you may get hundreds of links back to your website. The key is to do this: write a 300-500 word post, include a link back to you, and let them write and distribute to experts who know how to optimize the keywords for each post (not a typical PR company).

Use RSS to create a blog-in order to be effective, a blog must have frequently updated content. Based on information that is helpful to customers, not sales. Don’t do this unless you can invest some sustained time. Seth Godin said that the key to a successful blog is: frankness, urgency, timeliness, conciseness (succinct and concise) and controversy. The key to making this work successful is to keep your visitors interested, submit it to the blog directory, ping search engines when you publish an article, and use RSS to distribute your content.

Get one-way incoming links-all previous tips will create incoming, one-way links, but you can also buy links from other websites from text link agents. Don’t make interactive links, it is dead. Make sure you get links from pages with a Google page rank higher than “0”. Google may rate a website as “0” because they punish it for some reason. If you link to it, you will also be punished.

The key to this work is: make sure that the links have your keywords in the anchor text, and make sure they are text, not graphical links. Make sure they are from other related sites, not link farms or FFA (free for all) sites. The ideal is to link from related web pages instead of many other links.

Give your recommendation letter to other websites-let them post on their website as long as they link back to you. This allows you to link one-way from a website, otherwise it won’t give you. To do this, the key is to be short and sharp.

E-mail promotion-advertise in e-magazines, and place advertisements in other people’s e-mail communications to reach your target market. To do this, the key is: keep careful track of everything

a joint venture – increased from joint venture partners to the joint venture partner of the customer database. John Reese sold more than $1 million in information products within 24 hours, and his partners sent his quotes to their customer list. He pays sales commissions to his partners. To do this, the key is to understand the value of your visitors and have a tested and verified sales page that can convert well before contacting potential customers of the joint venture.

Find an affiliated company-if you sell a product, provide a commission to the affiliated company to sell for you. Each affiliate’s link to your sales letter conversion page will bring you traffic and better search engine rankings too. The key to making this work successful is to make it financially attractive to your affiliates and give them everything they need to promote your product or service. Make their brains very easy.

Buy other sites-find sites that already rank high in your keywords and verify their traffic with site owners and independent tools. Make sure you take ownership of the domain name-you can let them use their content elsewhere. Check to see which domains you can register. The owners of these domains have expired these domains. The key to make this work: check the Google page rank, Alex rank and the number of backlinks for any website, and then buy a website. A marketer I know challenged some search engine optimization experts to see who can get the highest ranking for a certain item within 24 hours. He won. The technician did a lot of clever things, but the marketer just bought the website that was already 1.

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