12 SEO tips

to optimize the site for search engines members 12 tips

to use as unique content
PLR and free reprint can be modified to look original search engine. To be classified as unique, the copy must be at least 30% different from any other page on the Internet.

In addition to free reposting and PLR, it also pays for your membership site to create content from scratch. To save time, outsource this task to a ghost writer.

Regularly add new content
in order to maintain a high page rank in search engines, as well as a high-quality membership site, webmasters need to regularly add new content to their websites. A blog is a great way to add content to your website on a regular basis. Encouraging your members to post comments on your blog may provide ideas for your follow-up blog posts and improve your search engine rankings.

Choosing the perfect keywords
Select specific keyword phrases relevant to the page you are optimizing rather than general terms. Although general terms attract more searches, but they have a lot of competition, it will be difficult to get a high ranking for your page.

Specific keyword phrases will get less typing frequency, but you will get more target traffic and higher page ranking for these phrases.

See what your competitors are doing. In different search engines, check at least the top ten results of your keyword phrases. Check the source html code and meta tags on the competitor’s webpage to get some ideas.

Do not keyword stuffed, but consider your keyword density is
optimal keyword density is unclear, but many people recommend set a target of 3% and 7%, in order to get the most traffic without being search engine punish. Remember, search engines and your readers like high-quality content, not keyword-filled articles.

Put them in an important position-keywords highlight
Prominence refers to where you place keyword phrases on the web page. The title of your keywords and headings, and all search engines will put your first keyword and tag value.

Let them together – keyword proximity
While you do not have all the words keyword phrases on search engine optimization together, but maintain their close ties to add value to the search engines.

Don’t forget to change your keywords-in
addition to keywords, search engines also look for phrases related to that keyword they want to see on the web page. The appearance of these phrases increases your search engine ranking.

The design purpose of LSI is to ensure that keywords are used in the context, and irrelevant content that fills the keywords will be punished.

Dynamic Link
in order to obtain a high search engine rankings, so that other sites link to your affiliate site is very important. These will be one-way links, or reciprocal links, you link to another website in return, and they link to you.

Don’t let them stop and ask for directions.
Structure your website to make it easy to navigate. If a person can find their way easily, then search engine spiders will also be able to browse your web pages more easily.

Please make sure that your membership website has a site map and all the main pages of your website are easily accessible from your membership homepage.

Be attracted by eye-catching headlines.
Use informative headlines in your web content, including appropriate keyword phrases.

Tagg, it wants you
include descriptive Alt tags on graphics. These need to make sense and explain what a graphic is, but you also want to include your keywords if possible.

Tag, you’re here again—
Use descriptive title tags on all pages to display the content of the page. The limit is 59 characters. Add descriptive description tags to all web pages, and limit it to 150 characters.

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