15 good SEO on-page factors

I’m sure many of you are interested in search engine optimization have read a lot of articles for search engine optimization and techniques, but you do not think very many of them avoid it?

This is exactly what this article is trying to avoid. We provide you with the 15 most accurate page factors that you need to consider when optimizing your page.

The goal of this article is to provide you with some specific guidelines that you need to follow when optimizing your page. Some of the factors I will introduce have a greater impact on search engines, while other factors are quite controversial. I will mention supplementary information for each factor, I hope everyone can understand.

Factors are as follows:

Title Tag
It is widely believed in the search engines view, the title tag has been, is, and will certainly be of great importance. Therefore, please make sure it is descriptive to your site, unique to each of your pages, and highly readable.

Keywords used in the document
again, a little cause of the dispute, which is believed to have great significance for your search engine optimization. In short, if you want to rank well for a particular keyword, you need to create a high-quality competition related to that keyword.

Internal linking structure
in how to link to internal pages to be very careful. Choose descriptive anchor text and make sure that each page can be clicked 3 times from the homepage. In addition, an internal page linked from your most important page may rank well, while a page hidden inside your website will be difficult to crawl and index.

Unique content
from another older, more importantly, the site copied content will achieve nothing. You will be banned, which may take a long time until Google decides to visit your website again.

Outgoing Links
Select the link to the right site may help. It is best to link to a website related to your content, but be careful to overdo it, otherwise you may lose a lot of visitors.

Site age
The age of your site seems to play a smaller role in the Yahoo and MSN algorithms, because new but content-rich sites seem to be able to rank high soon after indexing. For Google, the situation is completely different because it seems to prefer the old domain names even though their content is not as good as the new website.

The meta description tag
than in the past, its value is greatly reduced because it is subject to spam attacks, description tag is still a tag that can be used, because there is little impact on the search engine, even more importantly, it may Attract people searching for your keywords to click on your website.

URL keywords
to use your target keywords in your URL can tell the search engines your site is more important, and put it in a higher position. Use hyphens (-) to separate keywords, or simply concatenate them (for example: Do not use “uu” because it is considered a different keyword.

Alt and title tags
will be helpful for images using alt and title tags, like anchor text on links, especially for conventional can click on the image, because the role of these markers.

H1, bold, italic and strong mark
highly controversial, these labels seem to still maintain a little bit of importance, although in the past has been reduced a lot, because they have been a lot of spam. Don’t use too much, otherwise it may trigger a spam filter.

Page depth
short, do not expect a deep internal page rank of your website will be good. However, it is not impossible that its web pages get a lot of inbound links or links from your most important internal web pages.

Web page language
choose the right website language can prove to be useful in the search area, because if the search area is from search engines (eg: IP address or the same area carried out, then your site might be raised.

Content change rate
Some webpages are ranked unchanged for a long time, which shows that they provide powerful information, while other webpages frequently update content, but still maintain a good ranking. My advice is not to edit pages just to fool search engines. If you really want to edit your page, do it for your visitors.

Page size
page size (in KB and word count) is not a very important factor, but you can notice, for highly competitive keywords, only to have a large number of websites ranking on the content of the theme of the front.

W3C validation While crawlers are unlikely to check if your site is W3C valid, but validation is useful because you information about the character set used by the spider, so it can correctly interpret your pages. And, if this is the current standard, why not follow it?

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