2019 SEO trends

we coming to an end in 2019, many companies are checking their trends will have an impact in 2018 is about to end. To be a leader in the field of search engine optimization, you need to consider your search engine optimization strategy. You are currently formulating a strategy for 2018, but there are only 6 weeks away from 2019.

One of the greatest shortcuts to success is to understand the future trends of your business. In 2018, Google did what Google did and shook the world, but this time it made efforts related to mobility and speed, for this year. This means that most of the search engine optimization work next year will develop in this direction. However, it is worth noting that some game reformers who do not revolve around Google will still affect you and your SEO activities this year. Below, you will find the three most important search engine optimization trends in 2019.

Phone indexing and ranking

a nutshell, this means mobileirst index will use the mobile version of your business page will be indexed and ranked. The search console may have notified you that Google started the process of migrating all websites to mobile-first indexing as early as March 2018, but it should be noted that mobile-first indexing does not mean that you only use mobile devices. This means that Google will use the mobile version of the ranking after the site is migrated.

Page speed is

one of the largest consider the user experience is the rapid delivery of any site, and the desktop page load time has become a ranking factor. In July of this year, mobile page speed has also become a popular ranking factor for mobile phones. This means that when it comes to page speed evaluation, you need to understand which metrics are most important to Google. For optimization, you need to control it by fixing any issues that prevent the website from loading quickly.

Your brand

Google using an online brand mentioned in the search algorithm, there are several ways it can be used as a brand ranking signal:

● unlinked brand means that a search engines know that your brand is an entity.

●Emotion and content are very important. With context, Google can tell the difference between good and bad.

Backlinks are very important, so whether you are a white hat business or not, they must be strong. You need to cater to your reputation and use your brand to cater to customers. Of course, for enterprises, there are more than three trends, but although the development speed of the mobile world is rapidly accelerating, we must look at the consequences of Amazon and GDPR. Draw your SEO strategy now, and you can be ready for 2019!

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