2020 (and beyond) adding a simple method Instagram fans

ah, Instagram. A platform with more than one billion monthly active users, it is a popular social media channel! Instagram’s user base is growing rapidly. So popular, for a brand, this is a serious network and a tool for building engagement.

Increasing your Instagram followers is very challenging, but it is not necessary now.

Like to use Instagram to build your followers.

Don’t use robots, like electricity and “growth technology”

like most social platforms, Instagram keeps its working principles secret. For some users, the Instagram algorithm seems to be a rather esoteric project.

In order to beat the algorithm, most users use forced growth techniques. Most automated services added by users are called “spam.” It also includes the use of robots and humans to participate in “power views and links.” Although this increased visibility, it did not generate much revenue in terms of potential customers and customer conversion.

Using the “spam me” strategy and purchase, the relevance is tempting, but there won’t be much in 2020 and beyond. This is a risk not worth taking. Instagram is reducing false engagements, leading to account restrictions and bans.

The same principle applies to buying followers, and you end up with an unreal community. This will not help your brand much, and it will not quickly translate into sales or conversations.

Using the best Instagram hashtag to followers

Let’s talk about the use and relevance of participation followers hash tag.

Hash tags are critical to the visibility of posts, and views can improve the quality of content. If used properly, they are the best way to increase content coverage. This will result in more traffic (followers and engagement) in your account.

Hash tags are like black holes; if you don’t do it right; your content is sucked into the abyss and can’t be seen again. You don’t have to start big; after all, the most popular hashtags let more people know the content.




A tag with millions of posts may seem unusual at first glance, but your branded content can hardly stand out. Do in-depth research before using hash tags. Hash mark with a brand using

Instagram title

to write a good title, you must have the right tone. For example, celebrities will leave the title blank or add Meiji. They have millions of followers and can get away with it. Even so, if you can create a meaningful date with a good headline, it will help.

Here is a formula or some possible explanation:

• write a longer title

• real focus on networking

• Remember to use a call to action

to your resume as a business card

to your Instagram resume is not an afterthought. Your resume is your business card and storefront. Anyone who comes to your profile will decide whether to follow you in a few seconds. Your resume should persuade them to do so.

The best resume can give readers a clear idea of ​​what your brand is. Include something that can arouse potential interest. Use appropriate details or humorous lines to prompt readers to take specific actions.

Tips for optimizing Instagram resumes:

• Use keywords in your name field to improve Instagram search engine optimization.

• Choose a compelling profile picture

• Be clear about what your brand stands for and make it interesting

• Let your audience know how to use a powerful CTA to

use stories and live streaming to promote the growth of Instagram

Stories and live broadcasts are the latest features of Instagram. You can use these new features to improve your Instagram, introduce new products, related news, updates, and the people behind your brand.

You can attract the audience by polling and asking questions.

To increase your story:

• Use hash tags in your stories to maximize their influence

• Use geotags to locate (strategic) locations.

• Highlight your best story

• comb your new post in the story

live stream

live to provide real interactive for your followers. It also establishes a more personal connection with your audience. Live broadcasting is a kind of magic, which takes priority in the story.

Use the live broadcast to enter the radar of your followers.

Get more tips for live streaming:

• Make the most of the sense of urgency

• Create an interactive experience

• Live your story on Instagram.

Use Instagram feed

, day after day, Instagram and more, and more intense competition. To keep your brand ahead, invest in first-class content.

Let your images to the next level:

• Having a consistent theme Instagram subscription

• Use ALT tags to enhance the search engine optimization Instagram

• Do not forget to use Instagram location label (geotags)

• timely publication

use IGTV reach more followers

IGTV is A new kid in the block, predicted to become a tough YouTube competitor. The content always stays on the platform, a place for publishing quality. Instagram is highlighting this feature, so it can be used.

Tips for doing this:

use the hash mark your video can be found IGTV

• released video preview

• Select eye-catching thumbnail

• Pay attention to your title and description Finally, like engagement, like the number of followers and posting like The indicators are pure vanity indicators. It is gentle on the surface, but it does not translate into actual sales or conversion. Bill, please……

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