3 Otani song PageRank myth clearly explain

Google’s PageRank has become part of the time of the search engine optimization field, but it’s still a lot of people confused. This is a lot of misunderstandings. . So, what is the true story of Google PageRank? Read on to find out.

Myth: “In Google’s search results, PageRank 3 pages are always ranked higher than PageRank 2 pages.”
PageRank does not mean that any keyword will rank higher than pages with lower PageRank. This is how it works. If you look at the PR on the first page, you will find that it has nothing to do with how high the ranking is.

I see that PageRank 1 pages have been ranked much higher than PageRank 3 pages. Your PageRank is worth paying attention to, but it cannot guarantee a higher ranking. Accept it. I have.

Myth: “A drop in page ranking is disastrous for your website.”
In some cases it is true. If your PR drops to 0, you have a problem. A real problem. This means that Google considers your page or website to be of no value, or you may even be removed from their index. Anyway, you need to do some search engine optimization fixes. quick.

This myth emerged when public relations declined, and it was part of a comprehensive adjustment that Google occasionally made. Under normal circumstances, the public relations level of thousands or even millions of websites will drop by one level.

The idea is that with the development of the Internet, the standard for measuring the level of public relations must also be expanded. Therefore, Google has reduced a large number of pr4 sites to pr3 in the past. They still have the same overall value, but it is now labeled with a lower PR label, which does not happen often, but Google does.

Because of this, dropping PR by 1 level shouldn’t cause you to panic immediately. Take a look at the recent rumble in the search engine optimization world to see if there is such a general downgrade. It can help you relieve some stress.

Myth: “The PageRank you see on the Google Toolbar is your real profile.”
The PageRank metric in the Google Toolbar is only an approximation for your site or any other site. You can think of it as generally accurate, but not your actual, true PR. Why? We haven’t got the exact cause or reason from Google, but we can infer a possibility. When it comes to anything in the ranking formula, Google always clings to the card.

Although PR is not directly linked to your ranking, actual PR does measure the value of links from this page to other websites, or even other pages on the same website. This will give an instructive glimpse into the ranking process of other pages.

This is understandable, Google does not want to give to anyone outside the company. So, just like other rankings allowed by Google, they just give us a vague picture, let us take a look and be curious. This is part of the search engine optimization game-mining and trying to filter clues, no matter how obscure they may be. Your search engine optimization should pay attention to your page ranking and other people’s public relations. However, this is not a standard to measure how well your website performs in Google’s rankings. This is just one factor to consider, although it is an important factor. Understanding the true meaning of public relations will give you a clearer understanding of the direction of development and improvement of the website.

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