3 reasons Conversion Rate Optimization bring higher return on investment than SEO, PPC or SMM’s

conversion rate optimization is focused on optimizing the various components of the site, and ultimately improve the conversion rate. Also known as CRO, this optimization process may take several weeks to complete and includes one or more of the following components: website traffic analysis; heat map analysis; modification of direct response copywriting tools, modification of sales channels, modification of web design, and repair Web page programming issues.

Now it should be clear that the purpose of conversion rate optimization is to increase online sales, making it very similar to PPC, SEO, SMM and even content marketing. In other words, CRO is just one of many investment options from which you can choose to increase your online sales. But unlike search engine optimization, PPC, SMM or even content marketing, CRO brings a huge return on investment and is the best investment choice for your online business for three reasons:

#1: The return on investment of CRO is very high after the service is completed. Continue to grow for a long time: Do you know what happens when you stop investing in PPC, SEO, SMM, and even content marketing? Yes, your sales dried up and your return on investment stopped growing. What is certain is that when search engine optimization (SEO), short message marketing (SMM) and content marketing (Content Marketing) take longer, PPC will immediately dry up, but if there is no continuous investment, these options will be relatively Stop selling quickly. But with the optimization of the conversion rate, your increased sales will continue for a long time after the chief risk officer experts have completed their work. Therefore, even if the conversion rate is increased moderately, it can only bring in sales of 2,000 US dollars per month, and the annual additional sales are as high as 24,000 US dollars.

#2: Conversion rate optimization reduces traffic costs: Think about it: PPC, SMM, SEO, and content marketing all require you to invest additional resources to generate additional sales. So, when your sales rise, your marketing expenses also rise, which means your profit margins remain the same. But CRO experts significantly increase your overall profit because they help you create more sales with less traffic by removing non-convertible keywords from the paid traffic stream. CRO companies will also review your SEO and SMM work to ensure that your efforts are actually creating sales, not just sending traffic. Therefore, in the end, conversion rate optimization reduces the cost of traffic without sacrificing the conversion rate, so you can create more sales with less traffic, thereby significantly increasing profits.

# 3: 100% dedicated to the conversion

even though you may hire SEO, SMM and PPC experts to increase sales, but technically, you will only pay for more traffic. And, as you have learned, more traffic is not always associated with more sales. This is why SEO and PPC experts always want to talk about your rankings or the traffic they send to your website, while ignoring how many new sales their efforts have created or how much return on investment they have actually created for their services. But for CRO experts, their only goal is to increase the overall conversion rate, and the return on investment of their services reflects this fact.

Concluding Thoughts on optimization from a search engine, between the Chief Risk Officer and everything else, a website owner has a lot of effective options to increase the sales of their website. But unlike most other options, conversion rate optimization does not increase your marketing costs, thereby significantly increasing your return on investment. In addition, the return on investment from a CRO project will continue to grow after the initial project is completed, instead of disappearing when you stop investing, such as search engine optimization, PPC and other options.

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