4 free ways to generate traffic to your web site

traffic is the lifeblood of your Internet business. Even if you do not have your own website, you still need to generate traffic to your affiliated website. Without traffic, you have no customers, and without customers, you have no sales.

In order to generate traffic quickly, you can use googleadwords or other pay-per-click methods to pay for traffic. This can be a very expensive way to generate traffic. If you don’t do the right keyword research and have high-quality content on your landing page, then the Google ad word bill will be higher than the sales you get using this method.

The free method does require you to spend more time and energy, but in the long run, if done correctly, it will pay off. Today I want to tell you 4 ways.

Online forums and online communities. The best thing about forums and online communities is that you can target your specific niche. Join the forum to ask and answer questions. Be sure to provide good advice or information. In this way you will become a trustworthy and respected member of the forum. Experts in this field. Remember to include a link back to your website in your signature. Use keywords in links. By having a link in your signature, you will drive traffic to your website, and when other members click on your link, you will also have a one-way link to your website. This will help improve your ranking in search engines.

Newsletter. Provide people with interesting and interesting articles. Provide high-quality information that they can use in your article. In return for high-quality information, more people will sign up for your press release and recommend it to others. They must now visit your website to subscribe to your newsletter. Not only did you increase the number of visits to your website, you also built a quality list or customer base. You can now sell your products or affiliate products to your list via email marketing. The money is on the list.

Write articles about your niche topics. Try to write articles that provide hints and guidance. Both the “how to” and “top 10” lists are good articles. People tend to read these articles more than others. You don’t have to write a big article. You should have 300 to 500 words.

Once you have written these articles, submit them to the article directory. Most directories do not allow links in the article body. They have a resource box at the bottom of the article. This is where you want to include a link to your site. Use keywords in links. By including this link, you can generate traffic by clicking on the link, but more importantly, you get a one-way link to your website. Submit your article to many article sites and see if your search engine rankings rise.

Write good content for your website. Content is king. While researching the topic of the article, it is also necessary to conduct keyword research. Search engine spiders your website, you need to have your keywords or keyword phrases in your article. Continue to add new content to your website, and you will see your search engine rankings rise.
All these methods will bring more traffic to your website for free. It only requires a little effort and extended working hours. Submitting your own articles to the article directory is very time consuming. Try to find a service agency to submit the article for you. This will cost you some money, but the time saved will allow you to write more articles. Do your best to understand the methods listed here, and you will soon have a website with a lot of traffic without spending a lot of money.

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