6 E-Commerce SEO best practices

in the Arab world of e-commerce business are substantial growth each year, this is no longer a secret. Recently, Payfort released a detailed e-commerce report stating that the number of online buyers in the region increased by 14% between 2014 and 2015. This growing opportunity is encouraging retailers to join the trend of selling products online. As a network agent with extensive experience, we recommend that every retailer in the region consider selling online.

Businessmen are aware of this trend, so sooner or later the competition will intensify. Therefore, the shop owner hopes to gain an advantage in the competition. In order to build a successful online store, investment should be made in marketing and, more specifically, in search engine optimization (SEO). (Learn more about search engine optimization).

But what is the best search engine optimization practice for an e-commerce website to sell successfully online?

Design a focus on user experience of the site

from time to time, Google will launch a new algorithm update, website owners and SEO experts by surprise. The ultimate goal of these changes is to force web design and development companies to build websites that focus on user experience. You may be asking yourself what this means. Simply put, it is about developing an attractive, easy-to-use, and engaging user interface that can be adapted to different screens (desktop, mobile device, tablet). In the digital industry, we call it responsive web design. Once an e-commerce site meets all these criteria, it will be easier for visitors to browse it, so its chances of appearing on the first result page of a search engine increase.

Investment keyword research

content keyword defines the site. They are what users search on Google to find products. Therefore, optimizing the website by inserting keywords in the content helps its ranking. But how do you know what people typed in the search bar? There are several tools to help you find the answer, the most commonly used is the Google Keyword Planner. Take the time to research and select a batch of highly searchable keywords to include on your website.

Find related backlinks

One of the most important SEO practices is to have links on other websites that redirect to your website. This shows how popular the search engine website is, which will improve rankings. There are several ways to get backlinks on your e-commerce site: enticing product reviews, accepting interviews, finding broken links, and blogging.

Continue to generate content

if you ever search engine optimization is very curious, then you must have heard “Content is king,” the statement. When Google began to value high-quality content, this statement became familiar. After that, creating interesting content becomes indispensable for any website because it holds a lot of weight in search engine rankings. The best way is to write a blog so that you can get backlinks, educate your target market, and collect social media engagement.

Using social media

almost everyone on social media. According to the same Payfort report, 85% to 90% of Internet users in the region use different social networks, especially Facebook. Although Google is far from competing with Facebook, being active on this platform can benefit your Google rankings. To this day, there is still a debate about whether social activities are directly related to search engine optimization. But one thing is certain, as long as your website is popular on different social networks, it will at least have an indirect impact on your ranking. To promote social interaction, add social media sharing buttons to product pages and blog posts on your website.

Add rich fragment

-rich fragment is released additional information in the search results, such as product ratings, comments, etc. Rich snippets provide more details about e-commerce websites, helping Internet users better understand expectations. How do they affect search engine optimization? Whether rich snippets affect search engine optimization is still a controversial topic. However, they will definitely affect your website clicks, which means more visitors, indicating that it is related to Google search. This is why it can help rankings.

Apply these 6 search engine optimization practices for your e-commerce website to bring you closer to the top search results and thus achieve success. However, these are definitely not the only exercises to be done. To stand out from the competition, we must continue to work hard. But don’t worry, all you need to do is delegate the work to an SEO company, which will handle these points and more.

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