6 Simple Steps SEO strategy

but I can not use their search engine to optimize their strategies. This is for those with limited website design expertise and who do website design and internet marketing for their own home internet business. There are many other ways to optimize your website for success, but here are some simple, basic things to consider.

Determine your keywords and phrases. This will require a little research, and will be to some extent the products and services provided by your website theme and your home business. In order to stand out from the crowd, you may need to think more about key phrases than keywords. Ask yourself a question: If I was searching for a website related to my website or home business, what would I enter?
You want to stand out. These texts are spread through billions of websites. The distribution of these phrases is much smaller, and your chances of success are much better than being a small fish in a huge pond. I found a free search engine optimization tool called GoodKeywords, which is free from

Choose a URL that matches your search engine optimization strategy. One of the simplest but most effective techniques is to have your keywords in your domain name. If this sentence is short, to the point, and easy to remember, it is especially effective for people. At the very least, having a domain name that contains your keywords can improve your website’s potential status in search engine results.

Draft a title tag that states your topic, including your main keyword phrase. In many cases, the headline is the first thing a web surfer sees, you know the web surfer of breadth of attention! The title tag should not only meet individual needs, but also need to include key phrases to optimize your site’s position in search engine results.

The headline is like the headline of an advertisement or newspaper article. It must be spoken fast enough to attract readers and create a desire to read more. At the same time, it cannot be said too much for two reasons. If “too much” just refers to the number of words, then the effect will not be noticed, because most browsers and many search engines will only display a certain number of characters anyway, you may get a headline like this: “You should be for me The price of the product is too high because…”! On the other hand, if “too much” means too much information, then the person may know what you are going to tell them and move on without having to spend time looking at what you are going to say.

Use your SEO strategy to build your meta tags. Pay special attention to the “Description” label. Not long ago, only a few search engines really paid attention to these keywords and found their keywords in the website ontology. For some time, I have been hearing that no search engine pays attention to them. Recently I attended a seminar on search engine optimization. At the seminar, Internet marketing professionals said that this is true. But you never know! As long as they are still part of the Meta tag, be sure to include them.
On the other hand, especially for some search engines, the description is the text displayed in the search engine results. For this reason, if you think that the headline tag is the headline of your “ad”, you should treat the description as the advertisement itself, while retaining enough mystery to attract visitors to the site itself.

In the first few sentences of your page, emphasize the value promise implied in the title and description, and make sure you use your keywords. In fact, the key phrase or phrase should appear throughout the page, but the first few lines of text are very important. Humans should not only pay attention to the existence of key phrases, but also many search engines, which can improve the search engine rankings of websites. After all, this is the meaning of search engine optimization.
However, be careful not to overuse key phrases. Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, or the programs they use to evaluate and rank web pages, so it’s difficult to give an exact percentage of usage that is best. In addition, one search engine might give your website a good ranking for the way you use keywords, while another might give it the same use of “disadvantages”. This leads to item 6.

When search engine optimization emerges, you will hear the phrase “content is king!” In other words, the quality and intrinsic value of web pages are of utmost importance. A clean, simple page or website that contains a lot of relevant information may be better than the most beautifully designed and presented sales promotion.
When I started online marketing in 2000, I knew nothing about SEO strategies (if it really existed), and probably didn’t know much about website design. I started with a free website, because I don’t know how to buy a domain name and hosting, and because many free websites provide templates, I just fill in the blanks. After a period of hard work, I tried everything possible to get an Internet company to start. In the end, I just wanted to make sure that most of the websites I built were small, tidy, simple and full of information. Many of these sites still exist, and many are still driving traffic and helping me sell.

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