6 site search engine optimization tips

search engine optimization is often confused with the build as many backlinks in the shortest time. Although there is some truth to this method, it is even more powerful when combined with good on-site search engine optimization.

Although backlinks will help establish the importance of a website in the eyes of Google, on-site optimization will confirm that backlinks are relevant. For example, if you get a backlink to a website dedicated to widgets, but the word “widgets” has never been used on this website. It’s hard for Google to believe that these backlinks are related. On-site optimization will support your remote optimization. Now that you know why this is important, how do you do it?

Meta tags

you may have heard of such a message: meta tags as part of the search engine optimization is losing its importance. This is only partially correct. In the past, meta tags were used to manipulate search engines through keyword stuffing. In the early days of the Internet, this was an easy way to get good search engine rankings. Since the popularity of search engines, meta tags can no longer be used in this way. This does not mean that they are useless. Today they let search engines know what to look for on the page. Then prove that other search engines use other methods to correct the information. It’s best to make sure that your meta tags accurately reflect your content.

High-quality content

heard “Content is king” this sentence do? Well, this is true. You will get more benefits because there is good content than any other SEO technique you try. The better your content, the more people want to talk about it. This means that your content will create all backlinks. This will save you hours of tedious link building work.

Keep it fresh

since Google Caffeine has a comprehensive listing, you should focus on providing fresh content for your visitors. This will not only make your visitors happier, but also appease the great Google. Google values ​​fresh content very much. The more new content you have, the higher your ranking in search engines. This will also help you attack more keywords. More pages on your website means you will have more search engine listings.

Site speed

Google has given some comments on the speed of your page. If you have too many pictures or videos, and your server cannot handle it, you may be hit by search engines because your website is too slow. You need to streamline the website while maintaining the visual appeal of the website to visitors. Although you need to make search engines happy with your website, it is more important to make your visitors happy.

Key words

if your site is not a text-driven, you may find it difficult to place keywords. This can be a bit tricky, but be sure to name the object and image with your target keywords. Google will consider these when determining your ranking in search engines and any text you may have.

What not to do

while understanding what you should do on your site is important, but also the need to avoid shortcuts and black hat search engine optimization strategy. These methods may win you some short-lived victories, but search engines will quickly find out what you are doing. Black hat search engine optimization includes methods such as keyword stuffing, automatic link building, and blog comment spam. On-site search engine optimization is an ongoing process. It will never stop. If you want to win and keep your dream top name on Google, you need to keep your content fresh and relevant to the rest of your website. In the long run, relaxation will only lead to disappointment.

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