8 golden rules of SEO

There are several reasons why you should optimize the site as one of your main priorities and why you should make sure that serious about this. For example, a website that takes a long time to load will cause your visitors to leave before they see the content you provide.

That’s why I hope you spend some precious time looking at the 8 golden rules of website optimization that I have listed here. I can assure you that this will prove invaluable to those of you who want to give their visitors a positive experience that they will remember.

Content is King
You may have heard this before, but I can assure you it’s true. The main reason you want to provide decent content is to stand out. People who visit your website will be surprised by the quality of your content and will spread the message for you.

Page load time
even though many Internet users can use high-speed Internet connection, you will be surprised to find that the proportion of use of a telephone connection and modem access to the Internet how much. At least for these people, you should make sure that your web page loads within 30 seconds. Use a 56k modem. Don’t forget, most people are impatient and won’t wait for your web page to load.

Create a killer title for each page
on your main page of your site is probably the largest of page views, but also the search results page that appears most frequently, but you certainly do not want to forget other pages.

Suppose you are lucky enough to show several other web pages in the search results. What good is it if no one clicks on a bad title? Make sure to include the main keyword of that particular page in the title.

Create a description that explains the content of the page.
The title also applies to the description meta tag. You should make sure that every page has a clear description, through this description, search engine traffic will immediately understand the content of the page. Keep in mind that not all search engines will display descriptions in their lists, but you still want to display them correctly in those displayed search engines.

Make sure your internal links are valid.
There is nothing more annoying than when visiting a website, because internal links do not work. Download links that no longer work, links to internal pages, where you will receive 404 error messages, these are things you absolutely want to prevent if you want to take it seriously.

Regularly update your content
once you’ve created a website inviting people because the quality of your site and give you a return visit, make sure you regularly refresh (update) your content. I’m not saying that you should rewrite the complete website, but in order to better optimize the site, you may need to include automatically refreshed content, such as guestbooks, forums, or RSS feeds with articles.

Use only two to three primary keywords per page.
A perfectly optimized website will enable each page to be optimized for only two or three main keywords. Use these keywords between the h1 tags, make sure that the keywords (or similar keywords) appear in every two paragraphs of the page, and make sure that the last line of the body text is embedded with at least one of the two keywords.

Get as many one-way inbound links as possible.
Reciprocal links are still valid, but your search engine rankings are no longer as valuable as before. If you really want to be found in search engines, you need to take your website optimization to a new level. You must become the one-way link king.

Write an article and submit it to every article directory you can find. Be sure to put the article on your website first, and make some changes before submitting it to the article directory.

Submit your website to every directory you can find. I recommend only using those that accept free submissions. Keep in mind that this will be an ongoing work, and it may take several weeks for your website to be incorporated.

Be creative and come up with some ideas, which will help you get links to other high-traffic websites in the market. Not everything has to be copied; you are smart and can come up with ideas. Well, as you may realize by now, website optimization is indeed an ongoing work, and when you want to list and get all the free traffic on the first page of a search engine, you should take it very seriously.

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