A good search engine optimization market advantage

in the online business world, there are many ways you can actually earn a good income. One of the best ways is to rank high in many key terms in a particular area of ​​Google. This usually takes a long time to do and you will have to work on rankings each semester. If you insist, then you will see the results, and when you start to see the results, you will notice what I like to call an SEO snowball. For example, you really work hard to rank high in the term “pay to read email”. When you climb the SERP by establishing backlinks, you will notice that you rank well on other terms. For example, pay to read email, pay to read and pay email. You are surprised because you really don’t work hard on these conditions, but your ranking is very good. This is Google deciding what your website is about, looking at the authority of your backlinks, and then ranking you. It’s not always necessary to create links for the exact terms you want to rank high, but you should still have a large number of key terms, not just one.

When you start building links for your existence, choose a word, such as “make money blogs.” Create links using article directories, general directories, and other free backlink sources. Be sure to always link to your website or blog until you start to rank in the top 50. When you do an empty search, you should also be in the top 10. If you want to do an anchor search, go to Google, type: inanchor: “key term”, and hit enter. This search is to find the website with the highest link volume for this term. This search will also show your direct competition, which is the competition, the exact conditions for establishing the link you are. If you are in the top ten this semester, it’s time to enter another semester and start making connections. For example, if you are at the top, then when you type Google:inanchor: “make money blog” and then start to create links for “make money”, “make money for free”, “make money blog”, “make money for free” and all other words.

Sometimes webmasters do not know what conditions are best when they want to establish links. If you want to know the average monthly search volume of a word, you can search through the Google Adwords keyword tool. This tool allows you to find the monthly search volume for a term. You may want to pursue a huge term “100,000 searches per month or more”, but if this is your first term, this may not be a good idea. When I do SEO consulting, I usually instruct my clients to attack the terms that the number of searches per month is less than 20,000. Compared with more competitive terms, these terms are easier to rank and you will see the results of your work faster.

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