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before it comes to SEO company, it is necessary to explain the meaning of SEO. Search engine optimization is only part of the online marketing policy, but it is the initial part. Ads related to search engine locations and keywords account for 85% to 95% of normal network traffic. Increasing the density of website keywords is one of the fastest and easiest ways to increase the chances of a website appearing in search engine results. Search engine optimization, or search engine marketing, is a means of business methods. The technique for best search engine optimization results is to accurately find out the goals and priorities you want to accomplish. People use search engine promotion technology to get a large number of web page clicks. Search engine optimization is a cultural issue. You can get as much knowledge about search technology as possible, multiplying the knowledge gained by tempering with a little business intuition for the search engine itself. Business intuition can not only help you determine the location of current concepts and technologies, but it can also emphasize their development direction. Web pages, this may be 3 months later, when the last page of your web page is fully listed. To better explain this reasoning, we will refer to a “keyword” as a word when your unique web surfer enters the required information about the topic of the product or service in the search box. Advanced technology is always there to discover, understand and calculate the head and tail search business. Search engine-is a database of websites, it is ranked according to the computerized principle of an algorithm that programmers think. Different search engines build rankings based on their own different importance or similarity factors.

In the recent past, Google has been a well-known search engine, providing search results for Yahoo, and to a lesser extent MSN and AOL. This situation has changed after Yahoo acquired different search engine companies and created its own search engine. Soon MSN will enter this search engine optimization marketing with its own search engine algorithm technology. Searchers write keyword queries in the search space. Keyword queries are supported by the results of the search engine database, according to the ranking algorithm of any search engine used by the search engine. The algorithm is the principle that determines how a web page ranks the search result pages of a search engine. A website is created specifically for the search engine ranking function, it is almost entirely composed of a long list of irrelevant links. Every search engine, such as Google, Yahoo, etc., will strictly process these types of pages. For search engines, another necessary thing is the sandbox results of archived sites. Allegedly, Google uses the sandbox as an experimental stage for the new website. During this time, reaching high PR is inhibited.

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