All SEO Traffic is not equal

Did you know that your website can rank first in the phrase “Your city real estate”, but still a miserable failure? Keep reading. . . .

The telemarketer called you, and you are an Internet expert. The content of the conversation is this:

“SEO” telemarketer: Do you know that we can make your website into the top 20 search engines?

You: Why not the top ten?

“SEO” telemarketer: Okay, top ten.

You: Then what? .

“SEO” telemarketer: We will let you enter the top ten.

You: Hush? . .

“Search Engine Optimization” telemarketer: You will get a lot of traffic.

You: What does that mean to me? ? . . . .

“Search Engine Optimization” telemarketer: You will get leads.

You: Do you still own a website kid? I want to sell!

Somehow, the search engine optimization industry has done a job to allow real estate agents to start from the beginning instead of keeping the purpose in mind.

Of course you care about your bottom line. But since that kid can’t control your abilities, find clues and turn them into sales. He has to assume that traffic equals potential customers and sales. This is a big assumption.

The search engine optimization industry has done a lot of work to spread the notion that a few big phrases in numbers will make your business. In fact, it needs a broad keyword to get you traffic.

Here is a small exercise for you to try: Sit down and write down all the regions in your market. OK.

Now write down all real estate vocabulary you can think of.

If you put this exercise into practice, you will have over a thousand real estate phrases relevant to your market.

This is the first part of getting more leads from buyers and sellers.

So, we want to show your market (by keywords) on the web and let your visitors choose your listing and/or newsletter.

Therefore, the second part is to optimize your page and turn your visitors into registered leads. I call it lead optimization.

What is your result?

More traffic? More positions? More clues? Or more sales?

Depending on where you start in this scene, it may leave you with unwanted results. If someone tells us that he wants to be the number one person in “urban real estate”, then the results he gets will be very different from the person who told us to get him more sales.

At least from your goal, you want more leads, which forces search engine optimization companies like me to adjust our strategy and make it the way we can make you go further. This is to give you more clues, not just to increase traffic.

In fact, I rarely accept a new customer, and his or her goal is to develop more potential customers.

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