Amadeus Consulting discusses how to balance the images and text on the site

this could be a considerable challenge, both to design and create informational graphics have attractive custom Web site; it is our constant review of the matter. But how can we find that these two principles are meaningful? You may be able to see what is going on. These two principles have been consistently reflected in the research we have done. We have found that balance is the key, and learning your priorities can help you reach your goals.

What we will discuss today is to determine your design priorities, your business needs, and the actual design principles that can help you achieve design balance in your website design.

What is your priority?

A webpage can have many priorities: information, action, search visibility, emotional response, etc. These different priorities have created a need for custom graphics or text.

For example, we specialize in search consulting services. This means that when we design and write web pages, we must remember the specific keywords and goals that drive best practices for search engine optimization. In general, this means that we are more often text-centric, while ignoring the need for images. Information priority is usually the number one reason anyone creates a web page, and it is definitely more text-driven than images. This is why you will see so many text-intensive websites.

Actions and emotional reactions can be assisted by words, but they are usually represented by images. Think of the many articles you have read about what is happening in the world. When the text tells you this information, how long does it take to freeze until you see the image associated with it? This shows well that a healthy balance between the two is the key.

The basic rule about this is to determine your priority and then make sure that your opponent can increase the influence of the priority.

Design of the pendulum

when we or our customers to design their own website, we realized an important thing, that is, there is an overall balance, a pendulum, with the advent of text and images. Since we discussed your priorities above, you will know that there is an overall balance between text time and image time.

The era of more textual focus

• When you pay more attention to information

• deeper pages on your site (that is, not the home page)

• the need to provide in-depth information about your company to the employees

• When you drive search optimization visibility and conversion goals

influential pictures

• In on the home page

• when you pay more attention to the impact (focus on brand)

• want to cause emotional reactions

• principle: balance and rhythm

Okay, let’s start discussing design aspects of the problem. When designing your customized website, here are some useful elements to keep in mind.

Balance-refers to how much visual weight each aspect of the page has. Text, pictures, and titles all have weight. They depend on the size, darkness or brightness, and thickness of the lines. Ask yourself whether you want to pursue symmetrical balance (evenly distributed on the left and right sides of the center) or asymmetrical balance (arrangement of different visual weight elements on each side of the page).

Rhythm-Rhythm is the pattern you create by repeating your design elements. This is a principle consistent with the brand concept. Make sure that the graphic elements of your brand are always consistent in your design, this will make you feel balanced. This means that if you have a unified method for handling your text and images, this may be the best application to your website. Therefore, as we have learned, these are the key elements of your next graphic design project, web design or rich internet application design. Please feel free to follow up with our team on our own web design service, or leave a comment below to comment on the best way to balance text and images you have found.

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