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Google your own name. Go ahead and see what happens. Are you logged into Google? Do not? Let’s log in to Google to see what results you get now. Your Google Plus profile is now ranked number one. Maybe this is not really that impressive, but you can now see what other people will see when they search for your name. Why change? Google’s new search engine has just been launched, called “Search plus your world” (spyware), and now it includes personal results and personal data that you recognize and track on Google when you log in.

Earlier this week, Amadeus Consulting Market Analyst Todd McMurtrey gave a presentation on spyware and its impact on search engine optimization (SEO). This is a new technology and no one can say exactly what impact it will have on search, but I think most of us would agree that there is no reason not to consider Google’s strategy as part of the company’s overall social media marketing strategy.

First, let me talk about what spyware is. When you enter and enter a search phrase, you will see:

• Personal results: Google photos and posts, including your own and those specifically shared with you

• Personal information in the search: autocomplete and results

• People page and look for personal information related to a specific topic or area of interest and Google page

Todd said in his speech, this new technology is making some people mad, some people happy, but most people are contradictory . But there is a lot of potential for search engine optimization.

Indexable content

if I log on and search, Google will display the individual results of spyware and other (traditional search) results. When I typed in software development, it was obvious that due to my relationship in the industry, I saw a lot of personal results for this search term. I also saw things related to search terms that I shared. You can still see PPC ads, as well as organic search results, but if I click on the personal results link, I will see these types of results:

• Biographical information

• Full text of public posts

• Photos

• Links to people who added me to their circles

• Everything I own, and everything that my network owns

• Links posted by people are not on my network, but Google recommends as connected

Interestingly, Facebook and Twitter rankings are not the same. Therefore, if you spend a lot of time creating indexable content on these social media, unfortunately, these results will not appear in searches. This is not to say that you should stop using these social networks, because you should not. They are still very relevant on their own, but do not provide that much value in Google rankings.

Search engine optimization potential for

some companies quite satisfied with this change, because the value of their social content on Google has just increased. It’s easy to set up a network. You can choose which circle to share every content with, and even share it publicly. If your customers talk about you on Google, it will now help you rank higher in search.

Moreover, link generation has become a bit simpler. Be able to link to configuration files and content in configuration files, and use configuration files to link to your content, which helps spread the link throughout the network. You will also see the author profile displayed in the search.

How did you appear as an author in the search? This is my favorite Google spyware. They have told you how to do it. If you hover your mouse over the author’s name in the SERP, you will see a pop-up box that allows you to add this person to your circle, but there is also a “Learn about how the author appears in search” Link, it will take you to the help page.

What does all this mean?

The future impact of search plus your world is hard to say. One thing that many people complain about is their concern about the results. Will people try to “play with the system?” Unfortunately, some companies will. But most of our reliable and honest digital marketing consulting companies will use spyware as an opportunity to better educate, entertain and inform our audiences what they are interested in. Amadeus Consulting is very happy to be able to share our social content easily, because we work very hard to write and share good content. Remember, not everyone has an account for online interaction. Google has more than 60 million users, which is a big number, but think about how many users Facebook has (more than 800 million active users). So you should continue to do what you are doing and add Google to your social media marketing strategy.

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