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what Google Grants can teach you about AdSense

Google Grants is a very unique project sponsored by Google. The project operates by donating in-kind advertisements to 501(c)(3) organizations in the United States and other charitable organizations around the world.

The value of the grant is US$10,000 per month, divided into a daily limit of approximately US$329. Successful use of the grant allows the recipient to renew the grant every month, or apply for an extension, and grant up to $50,000 in grants per month. This money is deposited into the AdWords account budget so that you can buy advertising space on any of Google’s services that display ads as “sponsored links.” You can search for “world poverty” on Google to see some examples.

Although it is relatively easy to spend $10,000 in any other advertising campaign, Google’s appropriation has two provisions: First, the maximum bid limit for advertising is $1. Second, grants have a “use it” policy, which means that if you can’t actively manage campaigns and use most of the funds, then you may be removed from the grant program.

Learning Nagao

first thing you should know is that for $ 329 a day is very difficult, even when your maximum bid set at $ 100, was the subject of cost-per-click you have to spend a dollar only once (or even less, because It may be only 10 cents) because you will only spend your subsidy when someone clicks on your ad, and so many people click on your ad every day, which can be a challenge.

To solve this problem, you must creatively deal with the keywords you use, including specific and detailed search terms.

“Long tail” keywords tend to have much fewer visits, but the rate of conversion into sales (or donations) is much higher. Being able to find and target these keywords means you can target ads more accurately, which will lead to more people clicking on them (costing your grant) and hopefully lead to more website conversions.

You can also broadly match the more general terms, however, since you can only bid $1, these also risk being exceeded-this will cause your ads to not show.

Focus on the goal of

Google ad just to give you assistance. The value of the grant to your organization will depend on whether you can make the most of it. This means you have to find a way to make money and turn traffic into donations. With a little practice, or working with experienced professionals, you can turn your $10,000 advertising budget into a successful marketing channel and generate donations.

In most business organizations, we measure this in terms of return on investment (ROI), which measures how much we can get. With Google’s funding, it is still important to maximize its potential. This may mean turning it into financial support, recruiting volunteers, or drawing attention to urgent issues. No matter what your plan is, you must determine your goals as early as possible, otherwise you will never achieve them.

Many non-profit organizations also become more creative after receiving funding because they are used to soliciting more donations from a few people. With this grant, they have the opportunity to seek small donations from a large number of people every month. This is a good way to build a huge support base very quickly, which can be utilized and mobilized in the future.

Regardless of your strategy, focus on your goal: turn the grant into support for your organization.

Don’t make mistakes

One advantage of Adwords is that you won’t make mistakes. Of course, Google grants have some strict guidelines that you should review carefully, but at least you can’t make budget errors. In other words, you can’t spend beyond your daily spending limit, which means you can try various ideas, advertisements, and keywords without worrying about spending too much money.

For most activities, pay-per-click (PPC) managers are strictly limited by budget, and only have a little room for experimentation and testing, without risking serious budget overruns, or the cost per conversion is very low. With Google’s authorization, you can test and experiment as you like (encourage active management), and you can also try things that you might not have freedom in a regular campaign.

Suitable for any experience level

Learning advertising slogans is very challenging in any other environment, because every action can have a serious impact on budget and revenue. But with Google’s funding, this is an excellent opportunity for individuals to learn how to manage online PPC activities without worrying about and limiting the regular budget.

This eliminates the need for non-profit organizations to hire their own professionals to manage their activities. However, many non-profit organizations have also found that more experience also leads to better conversions, which means that an experienced PPC manager will often pay by increasing donations and completing more work under the same grant budget. More expenses.

In addition, experienced PPC managers usually have experience in conversion optimization, which can help design and optimize websites and other web attributes to help your organization better achieve its goals. This does not necessarily need to be done in advance (although Google authorization requires you to have a website), and it can be done on the road in the future.

Join the community

Google grants one of the best part is that you can see the search engine marketing for your organization how powerful. There is a huge community of search engine and Internet marketing professionals, and most of them are very willing to help newcomers learn the tricks. If you have any questions, concerns, or just need a little advice, look online or find a local community of search engine professionals. We have many people and we are happy to help you.

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