Bad SEO? What about bad search engine optimization clients?

You often hear about bad SEO. The services provided by bad seos are worthless, fail to fulfill their Internet marketing promises, pollute the results of search engines, and many bad things. However, how many people say the spiritual opponent of bad SEO: bad SEO client?

As a search engine optimization, I can look at the problem from another angle. You see, despite my efforts to show that I am a good, ethical, results-oriented, smarter marketing, white hat SEO, I have received countless inquiries from potential SEO clients that are not good. Of course, the deceived person is never entirely responsible, and some deceived companies are not at all at fault. However, if it weren’t for the almost equally bad customers, the market for bad SEO would be too small.

The shadow of bad SEO clients

First of all, let me clarify what I call “bad” seo what that means. Bad seos are bad because they either do unethical things to get the results of online marketing, or because they have been unable to deliver results. A good search engine optimization (SEO) can provide results without trampling on the rights of others (such as submitting automatic comments to their website, or trying to get a good website to be indexed).

A bad SEO client, in turn, is someone who will only be satisfied with a bad search engine optimization (albeit temporarily). Because they refuse to consider ethical Internet consultants or smarter marketing strategies, they are creating a market for Internet marketing scammers and black hats. There are two basic types of bad SEO clients: liars and fools-oh, I mean, moral challenges and judgmental challenges.

SEO clients end moral challenge

I have not received so many inquiries requirements downright immoral services. However, someone asked me about my blog-spmming company software and some other shady internet marketing strategies. A colleague shared this with me: “Have you ever thought about scanning only one book in the library and using it for web content? Or is this too dangerous?” (Seriously, someone asked him this question .)

Of course, judging from the number of comments, S&P米 and Internet hacking based on search engine optimization have a lot of demand for this aspect.

SEO clients have judgment of

a larger group of bad SEO clients are those who insist find yourself in a fraud. Yes, yes, I am blaming the victim. A person looking for a gold watch worth $5 will not cry for long if the watch proves to be fake or hot. Search engine optimization has some nuances, but this is the same basic idea.

The vast majority of these discerning souls are individuals, and their only business is “one-piece business.” However, they are sometimes also representatives of actual successful companies. Real business people tend to let their misunderstandings go away faster (after all, they can afford a real search engine optimization option), but this is not always the case. Let’s take a look at some representative types of this group directly from my own inbox (note: these are inquiries from potential customers, not actual customers).

Things for customers of
fact, I tend to think these people should belong to the morally challenged group, but maybe it’s just the remnant of my professional ethics, it makes me feel actually have two customers:

ambitious but affordable Client: “Tears” I want to top the Google keyword “mortgage” so that I can earn $100,000 a month. I can spend up to 1,000 dollars. “

Adsense is my business plan client: You won’t believe the number of consultations I get from people who only intend to make money through Adsense or other website advertising, they don’t even have a plan to get repeated traffic, and they don’t have content and search engine optimization ( SEO) work together. By purchasing promotional services, they are basically buying ads in order to make money from them. Do you know that this might be a problem?

Another point of view is: Why don’t I create a website myself and get all the profits from my efforts? In fact, most SEOs have their own project sites, and these sites are usually made by Adsense. The funds we can obtain from Adsense are a very low benchmark for the pricing of our services. Legitimate search engine optimization customers usually sell goods or services at a profit margin of ten times or more.

In addition to greed, I also saw several other less common but still problematic potential SEO clients:

SEO star client: “For me, search engine traffic is definitely my pet in a small village in the Himalayas. The best way to care for customers. Holmium

lack of knowledge is a dangerous customer: holmium desolate Do not tell me about keyword research, content, anchor text, or natural linking strategy, just give me PageRank (or links, keyword density, or any fashion). Holmium

gullible and hold customers: holmium tears know at least two services that will submit my site to thousands of search engines to $ 29.95. If you can’t do it, I will transfer my business elsewhere. Holmium

I will never trust SEO but I would consider anyway customers: holmium Ni can guarantee a good search engine ranking is meaningless holmium Ye ‘I only need a $ 29.95 search engine submission package someone just sent me Mail. At least it’s cheap. Holmium In short, if you want to find good SEO website consultant, you need: 1) realistic expectations; 2) a realistic budget; 3) solid information. Don’t expect something in vain, read a little book, so you are unlikely to become a victim of bad SEO.

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