Be authentic – why your web copy should avoid exaggeration

if you want to erase your authenticity in your web page, and then undermine your brand the opportunity to once again trust, then fill it with bad faith. Vulgar marketing language will disappoint your readers. You have to believe that they will see through these exaggerations faster than you call “used car salesmen”.

Come on, come on, is the greatest on earth products refuel holmium

so insincere in the end we are talking about is what does that mean? Regarding online copywriting, we are talking about “empty” or there seems to be some kind of hidden agenda. Obviously, all sales activities are for sales, but the vision of the buying public is far more clever than the evaluations given to them by the marketing gurus in the 1980s. They don’t like brands that seem to promise too much. The phrase “if it looks too good can’t be true” has never been more accurate than it is now, or more like a basic guiding principle for anyone involved in creating web content.

Lies, damn lies, and statistics

empty or insincere plagiarism may include fraudulent copy, in other words, is a blatant lie. But more broadly, it is an unproven statement, such as “world leading”, “unparalleled”, “the only one you will ever need (insert product type)” and so on. These unsubstantiated statements are just empty words, meaningless at best, and at worst, will make your website look like a used car salesperson doing advertising.

British copywriters know insincere plagiarism because they are trained to avoid it at all costs. If a client requests this kind of copy, a professional British copywriter will ask to see the evidence, and then they will include these statements in the web content they created for you. They know that obvious insincerity will insult your customers and drive them away from your website, no matter how good your product or service is. If there is no solid correlation (preferably from a neutral third party or verifiable statistics), the hollow copy will not be able to attract customers and may cause serious damage to your reputation. When everyone is eager to attract customers, the last thing you want to do is to alienate your audience with excessive exaggeration, which will make a very discerning public feel uneasy.

Focus on the story

Professional British copywriters will produce fresh, original and most importantly sincere manuscripts for you. There will be no exaggerated claims, no’this is the best thing since sliced ​​bread’, and no sales dialects. Focus on your story, your product journey, and use gentle persuasion, honesty and sincerity instead of blatant arm twists. Once you know what your brand story is, then sincerity will shine effortlessly. When you write a copy from this perspective, it is easy to avoid being insincere.

Off track

to get rid of bad faith buzzwords, jargon and meaningless nonsense. People have been forced to spin for years, which leaves a bitter taste in their mouths. This also makes them very wary of any company that significantly improves product features. We are now in a new era of honesty in advertising. Treat your brand honestly and you will quickly build trust with your customers so that the product can sell itself. Of course, give it a help on some killer web content, but don’t overhype.

About the author: Derryck Strachan is the managing director of Big Star Content, an award-winning British copywriting service with extensive experience in copywriting, web content, search engine optimization (SEO) creation and brand promotion. The company currently works for national and international organizations and regularly produces unique content, articles and press releases.

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