Blog Blueprint Bonus: 4 steps to get an automatic blog for $57,600 a year.

The Blog Blueprint bonus is a special package of the Blog Blueprint system, it can create more blogs, faster, and each blog can generate more revenue.

The first step to create $57,600 per year through the blog blueprint bonus: preparation and research.

First, focus on finding an effective affiliate program that has generated funds to build your network of 5 or 10 car blogs. Clickbank and Amazon are the two easiest ways to find good products to sell. Signing with them is also easy. To find a good product on Clickbank, you can go to the market to find the product category you are interested in. Then find a product with a gravity of at least 50. 50 is a good number because it means that someone has already made money as an alliance (which is what you want), but without so many people promoting this product, you cannot compete.

The second step is to get a blog blueprint bonus of more than $57,000 for a year: setup and installation.

Then, all you have to do is install your blog (wordpress) and the 20 plugins you need to configure. You can easily find such a list (search engine optimization and optimization), do a simple Google search for “search engine optimization plugin list for wordpress” as an example. You can also get a free search engine optimization software from Jeff Johnson. This is a special plugin that has been pre-configured for SEO and optimization for you. Blog blueprint and Blog blueprint Bonus provide you with multiple software that can automate the process and build a fully functional blog in minutes (instead of hours).

The third step is to create $57,600 per year through the blog blueprint bonus: optimization

Search engine optimization is basically divided into two parts, on-page search engine optimization and off-page search engine optimization, also known as link building. Now, you have to ask your outsourcing team, or yourself, to write 4 articles. Some good outsourcing websites are or You need a 400-word article. You will use 1 article to promote your autoblog, and the other 3 articles will be published on your website. Once completed, you need to search for your content (H1-H2 tags, keywords and tags, etc.) and let your blog be fully automated through a powerful software autologbuddy.

In order to obtain a blog blueprint bonus of 57,600 US dollars, the fourth thing we have to do is: promotion

we’ve noticed the article and page search engine optimization, it is time to pay attention to link building and promoting your blog. First you have to index your website. This is too simple. Do the following to index all pages of your blog within a maximum of 12 hours. First, go to, and then they will give you a special page with RSS feeds, you can ping and submit to different RSS directories, such as or Go to, follow the instructions there, post a profile of 140 pages (not the actual blog), and click submit. that’s all. After 12 to 24 hours, your blog is fully indexed, and you can post ads on your website. I suggest you allow 2 advertising blocks on your blog so that you don’t use too many advertising engines like spam. At least at the beginning. Then you start to promote your website in the following 6 ways: press releases, link directories, videos, RSS and articles. Then you rinse and repeat.

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