Commercial companies need to forget the five SEO myth

as search engine optimization trends in various industries, bad information can spread easily from one company to another company. Instead of accepting and believing misinformation about SEO, it is more important to be aware of these myths to avoid any pitfalls in the future.

To help you distinguish between fact and fiction, we’ve listed some of the most common SEO myths and misconceptions, some companies still tend to believe:

# The higher the ranking the more money

Many companies believe that ranking in Google search engine results ranking will be Automatically increase its business income. However, when it comes to search engine optimization, this is not always true. Your website may be able to occupy the number one position on the Google search results page, but this does not guarantee that your income will increase immediately. There are many factors in the search engine optimization process that are more important than rankings.

For example, a poorly designed website may occupy the first position. However, since the elements and functions of the website are not optimized, visitors tend to exit their website and choose other websites listed in the search engine results. Therefore, the user experience of the website is more necessary than ranking first. If you really want to increase your income, then you should not devote all your time and resources to Google’s higher rankings.

# 2 SEO offers a free flow

of most business owners believe that search engine optimization can generate free traffic. However, this is too far from the truth. If you want to take advantage of free organic traffic, you should put in a lot of effort and a lot of time to make sure your website stands out from your competitors. This may not be an easy task, but once you see positive results, it will definitely pay off.

# 3 optimization of a website is enough

This is probably one of the most common SEO business owners misunderstanding. No matter how good it sounds, developing a well-optimized website is not enough. The goal of a search engine optimization company is to ensure that the website is developed and a good part of it, not to keep it visible and floating in the digital market.

Therefore, it should be user-friendly, contain effective content and unparalleled metadata. In addition, in order for a website to completely fight online competition, establishing appropriate links, managing non-website blogs, and using Google My Business Optimization are also indispensable strategies.

# 4 is filled with the keywords contents

of some companies in order rankings, they tend to fill up with duplicate keywords to content, thus abandoning the quality of the content. There is nothing wrong with maximizing the use of keywords, but improperly inserting them into content and description tags without proper context can disrupt the flow of content and make it meaningless.

This method may work, but in the end, Google will be able to detect this and punish your website. Therefore, the reliability of your company is threatened. In addition, you may get a higher ranking, but you will also drive away potential customers because of poorly written content. If you want to use keywords, do it efficiently and professionally.

# 5 Search engine optimization is a choice to join and then quit the selection process of a lot of people have a misconception that the use of search engine optimization for a short time, such as a month, you can give your results in an instant. However, if you stop SEO after the first few months, a commercial website is unlikely to succeed. It is important to realize that search engine optimization is an open process. In addition, the website will grow and develop over time, so it needs to be constantly monitored and improved. Google also constantly changes and updates its algorithms for analyzing your website’s search engine optimization.

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