Competition keeping with trends in search engine optimization

drive organic traffic to your site is not a joke. As Google and other search engines continue to update their algorithms to improve the user experience, finding a reliable search engine optimization consultant is crucial.

This article discusses some development trends in 2020 so that you can modify your existing business strategy in Bradford in 2020.

SEO impact of technology on the user experience

from the open interaction to the login page on the SERP experience, and when to leave the impression that when the traffic around you – all constitute the user experience.

Technical SEO plays a very important role in enhancing the user experience. If a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, most users will usually abandon it.

In addition to using the Google search console to help generate website speed reports, the search engine also announced that it will add a “slow speed warning badge” to underperforming websites. It emphasizes the importance of improving page speed.

Search engine optimization experts would like to notice the dynamic transformation of a more technical search engine optimization ecosystem with advanced web applications, JavaScript framework usage, and SEO automation. Therefore, it is important to improve your technical foundation by including advanced features.

Bert algorithm

now, Google has BERT included in the ranking algorithm, the search becomes more like a match intent rather than a string match.

BERT is a neural network-based technology that helps Google recognize the context of words in search queries. Google provides many examples of how the BERT application affects search results.

For example, in the past, a query like “adult math exercise book” would show books from grades 6-8 in the initial organic results. Together with Burt, Google showed a book called “Adults’ Mathematics Training”.

Although books in grades 6-8 have not completely disappeared from the search engine results page, books specially prepared for adults rank higher than it because these books are more in line with searchers’ intentions.

This search engine’s shift from keyword matching to intent will certainly continue into 2020 and beyond. Therefore, for search engine optimization experts, it is important to emphasize the provision of user-centric content and always remain relevant to meet the needs of users.

High quality content

all in SEO- site structure Link Building Strategy – mobile content.

By 2020, keyword obsession will become slow. Not for multiple keywords in a common content, but using a single long-tail keyword in content with a high amount of information can get higher traffic.

Instead of focusing solely on keyword research tools, it is better to prioritize suggested queries as the source of content creation. Therefore, creating and optimizing appealing content for users, not search engines, needs to be a perfect method.

Relevant and valuable content can help build your website authority and have a positive impact on the return on investment.

Therefore, producing a systematically recognized and informative content, providing an overall idea and satisfying users’ queries should be the main goals.


EAT (expertise, authority, and trust) parameters in search engine optimization help determine the overall reputation of a brand or website. As Google tries to provide the best user experience, it ranks sites it fully trusts.

Therefore, it is very important to focus on the trust value of the company.

Comments and feedback are manifestations of trust issues, which can make or destroy a company. Under this circumstance, if a company is plagued by poor reputation and customer service problems, it will be difficult to win the competition.

Simply put, offline is affecting online. Therefore, instead of focusing solely on search engine optimization strategies, it is better to improve your customer service to get generous feedback and win the trust of Google. Professional search engine optimization marketing companies implement these changes in Bradford to make your website perform better. Develop your website for humans instead of search engines and get a higher ranking in SERP very quickly.

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