Cross-optimization of video and wireless search engine The

news of Google’s acquisition of YouTube in 2006 shows that a very large world has been formed by two other very large worlds at a price of US$1.65 billion. SEO can use video and mobile search engines to accelerate the development trend. When the URL is correctly linked, the addition of a YouTube page and a wireless website with a suffix of .tel makes the hooking effect between the landing pages more profound.

This was not surprising when Google acquired YouTube in 2006-who else would have such funds? The good old Google seems to be the father of the Internet. But think about it, Google was only established in 1998, so it is the fastest growing institution, and Google is also the best performer in the stock market.

The annual trend shows that Google is always rising. Now its usage rate in all searches is about 74%. In the long run, Yahoo accounts for 14% and MSN accounts for 9%. Other search engines together account for about 3%. In business-to-business searches, Google may account for a much higher proportion-as the most reliable search engine with a reputation, Google is popular in most offices.

One trend is to use the algorithm to create Google video in the field of video search, which is an independent search engine, similar to YouTube (also the property of Google), which can project the compressed rankings into general Google searches, including titles , Snippets, URLs and video previews to bring searchers to YouTube. In your YouTube file, you can put links back to other landing pages as well as keyword strings and content annotations. The preview content displayed in the Google search results is rich and colorful enough to attract people’s interest.

Another Google search algorithm that started in 2009 was designed for random searches from mobile phones to website templates, using domains with a .tel suffix. The task of the tel site is to provide phone calls, faxes, e-mails, maps, other contact information, and links to other web pages. The tel website is keyword-driven, which can achieve fast and visible random search rankings on mobile phones and computers. After optimization, content and keyword lists can be created on subfolder pages. The subfolder should contain a link to the corresponding landing page of the main website. The tel domain and subdomain URL can be accessed through the link program to the first page.

In a report published by WebVisible & Nielsen in 2007, they found that 74% of respondents used search engines to find local business information, while only 65% ​​used printed yellow pages. 50% of people use Internet Yellow Pages, while 44% use traditional newspapers. More than 80% of people report that they search for something online and then buy it from a local business.

These numbers are increasing at an exponential rate every year, so search engines will be used regularly by everyone in the near future. Even the elderly are equipped with computers, so you only need to know where to enter your questions. Online shopping is still suspicious for many people, but most people already shop online; every month more people switch to this method of saving money or finding hard-to-find things.

A 2008 Pew Internet study showed that nearly half (49%) of Internet users said they usually use search engines within a day, compared with 33% in the 2002 survey. This number is close to 60% of people using the Internet’s killer application, e-mail on a normal day. Google and Microsoft can read the contents of their free mail system; in addition, if you keep your mailbox open on any computer, your search history will be displayed during the session. Inevitably relying on computers for certain functions, the use of search engines will increase by leaps and bounds, until almost everyone can collect their own personality characteristics from their personal search history. This information is mainly used to display advertisements that search engines think are in line with your interests. Personal information disclosed by social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter will increase your profile, revealing who your friends are and their beliefs. This creates the possibility of abuse of power by those who have an evil political agenda and seek more control over society.

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