Dante simplify: Search Engine Optimization – the first time to do the right

search engine optimization (SEO) is an Internet marketing strategy designed to increase the visibility of the site in search engine results. The goal of search engine optimization is to improve organic search results academically. The premise of search engine optimization is that the higher the frequency of web pages appearing on the website, the greater the number of visits. Now think about the large number of pages that appear in search engine results. The competition between them in order to increase the frequency of appearance now depends on their degree of improvement in search results. Users can search websites by searching for images, videos, local searches, or product category-specific searches.

The mechanism that drives search engine optimization depends on which search engine is preferred, how does a search engine work, what are popular searches, what are search trends, etc.? All these variables require the use of keywords and tagging the website and content to ensure that they are more visible in search engine results.

The entire SEO concept is driven by one and only one factor-“keywords”. Choosing the right keywords is the first step. Keywords should be able to give customers a clear picture of the product or service, a website display. Keywords

should be selected based on the following criteria: • It should be able to find relevant content for a specific market.

• It should be competing for the same keywords the site less

• should be able to optimize the keywords that people can actually use

all of these factors can use the search engine’s search tools to identify. Almost all search engines help to check competitors to find out how to optimize a particular keyword to get a better page ranking. This is achieved through commodity marketing and other means.

Then there is the label. These key identifiers must be included in the URL of the web page to ensure that customers can easily identify your service, and they can also help to properly index the web page for more effective search results.

The concept of links can then be used to help increase the number of users of his/her website, thereby improving page ranking. This is achieved through the use of backlinks. When a customer finds that they can easily access a specific product or service listed on a website, the backlink takes the user from one website to another.

Search engine optimization technology revolves around increasing user traffic through the appropriate use of keywords.

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