Different types of Google advertising and marketing platform


Google advertising is Google paid advertising on their selected search engine. It works in a bidding system through which individuals can bid on keywords to rank their ads on Google. There are five types of Google advertising and marketing platform; these are:

Google search

Google displays

Google Shopping

Google video

Google application

A, Google search

Google search ads displayed directly on the Google search engine. These are text ads that display the title, description, and extension. Extensions are add-ons that make ads more attractive. The most important ad extensions include:

marked expansion of

these emphasized the important aspects of your business, like free shipping, 24-hour support and money back guarantee.

Structured snippet extension

information highlights the important elements of business products and services, such as the brand name product and service standards.

Site links extension

These are text link advertising on Google, allows users to directly access a specific web page, rather than directly to the home page.

Call extension

which allows users to call directly from the ad without having to enter the site and find contact information.

Location extension

that allows the user to activate Google Maps directly from the ad without having to enter the address of the website and find the coordinates of the enterprise.

Message extension

that allows the user to leave a message directly from Google ads, without the need to enter the site and fill out the contact form.

Promotional extension

which allows users to find products and services on promotional advertising.

B. Google display

Google display ads are text or image advertisements displayed on Google’s display network. Google showed that the network was damaged by a website that cooperated with Google. These partner websites display banner advertisements selected by Google and are rewarded every time a user clicks on the banner advertisement displayed on their website.

Google’s display network has access to 90% of the world’s Internet traffic and has a software platform that allows you to create banner ads for your website. Display network allows you to target the following website:

you can select specific categories of websites

you can choose directly to the site

, you can choose to view the ad audience type

C, Google Shopping

sole purpose to create a Google Shopping ad is to sell products on Google. These shopping ads are displayed at the top of the search engine and include the title, image, and price of the product. Google Shopping ads will display product prices and pictures before users click to enter the site, so the conversion rate to product sales is the highest. Conversion rate is the behavior of users on your website, which means buying a product or asking about one.

D, Google video

Google video ads to promote the video on Youtube and googledisplay network created. The promoted video usually appears before or during a relatively niche video. Youtube ads are only charged when the user watches the video for more than 30 seconds, or when the user takes any action on the Youtube video (such as subscribing, liking or commenting).

E, Google applications

Google applications for those in online marketing applications of individuals or companies want. The application is only charged when the user downloads the application or purchases the application.

Advantage of Google advertising

This section will highlight the most important aspects of the use of Google advertising.

1 real-time traffic

Google provides instant traffic. Once you have established a Google campaign, it usually takes several hours for your ad to be approved and run on Google.

2Measurement success tool

Google Ads has an analysis system to measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. These measurements include:

traffic a site visitor clicks on your ad metrics.

it determines the attractiveness of your ad on Google. Attractive ads can promote more clicks, while poorly structured ads can hardly get clicks. If you have a high click-through rate, your ads are doing well.

Conversion rate
conversion action is taken by the user on your site. Conversion can be anything, from phone, app download, query, and purchase. Conversion rate is the percentage of website visitors divided by the number of conversions on the website.

three. Google top positions

most people search on Google will usually choose the first three options displayed. Google ads are displayed on top of organic rankings, which allows it to be placed at the top of search keywords.

4 target audience

Google Ads allow you for specific populations based on the following characteristics:





5 cost control Google ads have flexible cost control. You can decide how much you want to spend on an event by specifying a daily limit. You can also easily pause the activity by clicking the button.

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