Do you know how to check your website?

If you want to optimize your website for huge traffic, visitors, leads and quality search engines, this is a never-ending task. Optimizing your website, one of the most anticipated things is to “spider” it from time to time and explore new opportunities to optimize it. Because the current website is very different from the previous static page website, it looks like a booklet, and the editorial has never been revised, so today’s website is developing every minute, updating and improving every second Own phrase, since someone told you how to check your website? How do you know that you have a cash cow website.

Here are 6 tips you need to pay attention to when browsing websites.

Do you know how to persuade readers to interact with your web page?

The best place to start is to review your overall requirements for action, or in some cases, lack of action. Why is this one of the best places to start? In fact, I am sure that your website is making money for you, and the correct CTA is the most effective way to increase your conversion rate and your overall bottom line. That of course assumes that you have enough visitors.

Readers can contact you in other ways. These are a few things that need to be searched frequently. A lot of best practice is to brag about your phone number in a prominent place, either a form, or a picture connected to the form. Both should appear on every page of your website. You never know when your website visitors will feel the need to reach you. Don’t let them search your contact information, because many people will be released on bail pending trial.

This sounds obvious, but you will be surprised how many websites I have checked but can’t find the phone number.

The AB test is also very effective. Your CTA may be on the right side of the page and it’s done well, but if you don’t test other locations and split tests, how do you know that is the best place? You may be surprised to see the statistics behind testing different positions. In fact, in many cases, it does work.

2- Webpage content improvement

Content is often added during website design. Many times, it will add “I’ll polish it up later.” When you understand that adding 400 more words may really improve your search engine optimization, you may only have a few words and phrases on each page. We all find that search engines like text, so why not keep adding some. Be sure to remember your web key words when writing. I didn’t tell you about the keywords, but try to compress your primary key phrase a few times, as long as it reads well.

Well-written sales copy will also create miracles for your conversion. Try not to finish your text in a hurry. Either work hard or get professional help.

3- design adjustment

if your site design still retains a few years ago, then it is probably a good time to carry out the transformation. SEO is great, but if your web blog is ugly, don’t expect too much.

4- Duplicate content?

This is indeed a considerable problem that many people overlook. I have seen many of your web logs being punished by Google for duplicate content. This may be the repeating of the same editorial on some pages of your website, or it may be that you have your exact content on other Internet sites. Scan your blog to make sure you have original words and phrases on every page. Also, do some research to see if your editorial appears online somewhere. You will find plenty of tools to help you find potential repetitive words and phrases. This is a strong preventive maintenance practice, checked from time to time.

5-URL structure

to see if your URL is how to read. Does your subpage link read like a strange language? If they do, it’s time to adjust. You might have a one-word phrase “search engine friendly URL”. Well, these are important and will undoubtedly help your career, if you might get some keywords and key phrases in the URL structure. A clean URL also helps when you have to send a link.

6-301 redirect

you have a http: // andahttp: // www. The version of your blog.

If you do, be certain to 301 redirect to one another and make those double pages point to just one varieties of the same page. Having two varieties of the same page is harmful for all kind of reasons that I will not explain in this article, the subject being to broader and needing a large explanation. Takeaway from this = do the 301!. When you check your website, there are more than 6 things to look at, but these are many of the things that may have the most important impact. Straighten out these basic knowledge, you will well promote the greatness of the Internet! What other ideas do you have for people to review their website.

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