Does URL shortening help maximize commercial search engine optimization rankings?

There are many URL shortening services and common domain names, such as,, Or a branded domain name service like Tinycc. Some tools are provided by large Internet companies, such as Google and their acronym, and some Weibo sites, such as Twitter and twurl/tweerburner.

Their operation is fairly simple: each inserted URL is associated with a unique key, which is usually the same as the alphanumeric code that appears in the last part of the compressed URL. The latter then performs a redirection to the original address.

The convenience and benefits of URL shorteners can be well adapted to many digital marketing activities. The purpose of this article is not to list all the benefits of shortening URLs, but to try to understand whether there are SEO benefits of using them.

URL abbreviations: What are the benefits of search engine optimization?

From a marketing perspective, URL shortening services may have advantages, but there is no real advantage in pure SEO optimization.

●The purpose of using short URLs is not to optimize the benefits of search engine optimization, because short links do not necessarily pass any credit to the landing page.

●If the shortened service fails, the reliability of the service may cause damage to community websites and social networks. All dead links are preventing information sharing on the network.

●From a user experience point of view, these services are very convenient because it is always easier to find/share short links. This is especially true, because some Weibo services like Twitter limit the number of characters in a message to 140 characters.

●From the point of view of search engine optimization, there is no direct benefit, because links usually use 301, 302 or JavaScript methods to redirect to the destination page.

Not all URL shorteners work the same way SEO

When choosing a URL shortener, you will want to use a method that uses a 301 redirect from the short URL to the target URL. This will ensure that the largest PageRank is delivered for your site. In addition, you should choose a service that provides reports, metrics, and click statistics, just like Tinycc.

The Tinycc brand service allows users to choose to bring their own short domain names. Companies can discover the number of clicks on a particular link, the geographic location of the visitor, the source of the click, and other indicators. Onboard statistics does not need to replace Google Analytics, because your Google Analytics ID can be easily integrated with your Tinycc account to allow all short link web browsing events to be seen in your Google Analytics account.

●Short links provide the most detailed data about the geographic location of website traffic. It helps to determine that your brand exists, so you can optimize for search engine optimization.

● Relevant outbound links help search engine optimization, whether it is non-follow or follow status. Shortening the URL can also minimize the risk of value transfer.

● If you need affiliate links, but don’t want a messy URL. Shortening the service is a good solution. The Tinycc custom domain URL provides an additional aspect-an opportunity to stand out and be memorable. Understand the audience of different devices and media, and then plan your search engine optimization.

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