Duplicate Content Debate

In many cases, the so-called Internet marketing experts warn that we should pay attention to duplicate content. They emphasized the fact that duplicate content will trigger red flags for search engines such as Google. Although duplicate content is one of the many factors that search engines hate, the same fact is that in some cases, duplicate content becomes acceptable.

When can duplicate content be accepted? When is it legal to have duplicate content? This type of issue and other similar issues related to duplicate content have caused some problems. The following are some examples where repetitive content can be considered acceptable.

When can duplicate content be accepted?

• List of the same products on two different websites. If you want to include a product list on two sites that you own, search engines may be able to tolerate this.

• If a website reprints or copies a certain content from another website, as long as the copying website has the right to use the author’s signature for copying, this behavior is tolerable.

• There are site administrators and site owners who want to create two pages for the same project. One page is a standard site page, and the other page is a printer-friendly page. This means that the content of the two pages is the same, but acceptable.

• For reasons that you may not be able to explain, in some cases, a strange duplicate page appears on your website. This usually happens on some websites, and this is an honest mistake.

• Duplicate content may be the product of some errors on the website. By mistakes, I mean those unintentional mistakes.

The reason search engines to prevent duplicate content

like Google’s search engine sites have tried to avoid duplicate content – in fact, they were not just avoid them, they want to get rid of them. This is why sites with duplicate content are worth worrying about. Why do search engines hate websites with duplicate content?

• Prevent duplicate content sites on the Internet. Online users will not benefit from browsing different websites with exactly the same content. The duplicate site has exactly the same content, including the title and even the code.

• Avoid what others call “scratching,” which is a method that others use to copy a particular website. This caused copyright issues.

• Avoid copying the site’s lifeless PLR articles. Knowing that duplicate content will cause your website to be punished by search engines, you must work hard to provide your website with unique data and content. This is not only to avoid penalties, but also to build the credibility and image of your website.

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