Easily choose the right keywords to optimize your website.

Note: Before you start, if you are not 100% serious about getting your website on top of Google, Yahoo and MSN, then stop reading other words. If you plan to put into action what I have taught you, please read on.

If you are the same as when I first started online, you may have created a brand new website. Then submit it to some search engines, hoping that people will appear mysteriously on your website and buy whatever you are selling.

A few weeks have passed and only a few homeless people have appeared on your website. You decide to try to “optimize” your website around your main keywords, hoping that you can rank high in millions of search engines. Two more weeks passed, but no luck.

At this point, you may give up and decide to either build another website around another target market, or lose all hope, and then exit. Okay, newsletter, you may already understand by now that this is not the way to do things.

Let me give you a concrete example, your first step must be to create any website. . . No matter what the subject is.

In our example, let’s create a website related to weight loss. Before we start creating and collecting content for the website, we need to do some keyword research. This is very important and should not be skipped. In order to do our keyword research, we need to visit some websites.

The first item should be:

They have a very good keyword tool, and the best thing is that it is free! Once we get there, we can enter the most common keywords for our website in the keyword selector tool. In our example, our key word is “weight loss.” We got 570,179 searches in June 2006.

Just one month after June 2006, there was a huge demand for “weight loss”! But it’s more than that. What is the supply of hunger and thirst for those seeking weight loss information, weight loss pills, weight loss plans, etc.?

Well, the way to do this, by the way, this is to find your competitors. Go to Google and enter the following (without the quotation marks “”): “allianchor:weight loss”.

Now I noticed the fierce competition in “Allianchor’s approximately 8,740,000 results: weight loss” on Google. I now call it “weight loss”. If you are just starting out and want to use this keyword to optimize your website, forget it! Yes, the demand is high, but your supply, or competition, is so high that you can’t even consider optimizing your website for this particular keyword.

So what is the answer? How do I search for keywords that are in high demand but at the same time less competitive? It’s very simple. I can give you some ready-made data, but I must tell you that it is now

easier to use a new tool for search engine optimization (search engine optimization) a day .

You can take a keyword search with demand of about 500 to 30,000 a month using the overture keyword tool above. Yes, if you have an unusual supply or the competition is below the requirements, you can choose one with more than 30,000 searches.

Using “allianchor:keyword” on Google you can get 15,000 or less search results, so you can safely optimize your website, ranking higher, faster, and easier.

Let’s review the next example and take a look at the “dotties weight loss zone” with 4777 search results last month. The demand is good! , Now let us look at the supply or competition of the specific keyword “allianchor: dotties weight loss zone” we use on Google. Now you can see the results we got: “1-10 of Allianchor’s 622 results: dotties weight loss area”, so what does this mean? Understood! Go! 622 is so low, you will definitely use the keyword correctly on your website, and the ranking will be high and fast.

So you have it. Always perform step 1, if it is passed, move to step 2, if it is a process, use it; if it does not pass, return to step 1 and find another keyword with appropriate demand, and then go to Step 2. Satisfy these two very important requirements and you will be able to start in the right way. I also encourage you to learn more by visiting the website in my profile section below. Good luck for your search engine optimization!

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