Fake Pagerank checker

we are trying to arrange complicated things in the universe. We strive to achieve a GPA of 4.0, the highest-ranked university, and hope that our favorite team ranks best. The page ranking designed by Google’s Larry Page is the ranking assigned to each page indexed by Google. This page rank is calculated ( using the “Backrub algorithm” and is usually considered as a proxy for Google search ranking. In other words, a high page ranking (PR) page will rank higher on Google (all other factors are the same).

There is a huge and growing market for text links. Many top-ranking websites see output links as a way to make money (supply), while companies that need visitor/search engine exposure buy links (demand). Although purists may be skeptical of such a market, it is the market that creates the relationship between supply and demand.

Even if there is a snake in the Garden of Eden, people will be surprised if everything looks like it looks on the text link market. In fact, scams abound, from pages removed from “no tracking tags”, from navigation, or included in robots.txt files. However, apart from true paranoia, almost everyone is deceived. This scam is “fake page rank” or URL hijacking.

The mechanism of spoofing pages is very simple, and the results are awesome. Using this technique, you can get any page ranking they want…even PR-10. So, the pressing question of how to do this? All everyone has to do is to get a discarded domain and do a 301 redirect in your .htaccess file, pointing to a page with a PR www/ to make it more credible, or With your boundless ambitions, you want a PR-10 page… the choice is yours. Suppose you choose the latter…you can point to itself and inherit its PR-10. After the Google PR update occurs, you can detect the Google bot and selectively forward it to itself. Everyone can see your website and its gorgeous PR-10 ranking.

So far, it has been pretty good. You did not do anything illegal, immoral, immoral, etc. Things may go downhill from here, but if you try to sell a domain name, or sell a link to this website, the PR based on it is pure fraud, in other words.

Webmasters who play 301 redirects are actually lost in the end. His ranking will not even be cached by Google.

For kicks, we did a case study and extracted a domain name purportedly PR-7 from an expired domain name. We chose a theme that is closely related to our collective heart (not!)…Michael Jackson. We gave this website to Michael Jackson,, which is a bit trendy, and quickly wrote some content for it.

We have also written a tool that allows you to check to prove that the page rank is completely fake. Obtaining a domain name or website, or even buying a link is a very risky process, full of various frauds. During the due diligence process, we recommend that you consider using a fake PR checker as a tool to avoid being deceived by URL hijackers.

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