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for many small and medium enterprises, a major problem is to find a good internet marketing or search engine optimization companies, they can help their online business success and prosperity. In the past 5 years or so, the number of new search engine optimization companies has increased a lot. We are bombarded with calls and emails from these companies every day. These companies are eager for our business and all claim to be the best at what they do. , But the question is, how do you know which companies are good companies, which companies are not good at what to do at all, and which companies are just boiler rooms without internet marketing or search engine optimization skills?

When hiring any third-party individual or business to perform any kind of work or task for your business or company, you should always be vigilant. Internet marketing and search engine optimization are no exception. Please consider that the money paid to such companies is usually Monthly payments, which can be as high as thousands of pounds a year, if the company does not achieve results, then you throw away the money.

One big problem I see in Internet marketing and search engine optimization companies today is that this field is completely unregulated, which means that anyone with a computer, phone, and email account can advertise that they are in this field. Expert, in this field, you don’t need to be a member of any affiliated group, nor do you need to have any recognized qualifications, or fall in love with these sleek telemarketing operators, or an amazing departmental electronic Email, telling you how good their service is, it will cost you a huge price. According to my personal knowledge, at least one person lost his business after being bought in this way. When the business failed, they tried to pay for search engine optimization. , But was trapped by an unethical salesman, promising that the work is being completed, and given another month, business and money will continue to flow in. Of course, it has never done so.

So, it can be said, what can be done to avoid being deceived? The most important thing you need to do is to be very, very careful. A busy, professional search engine optimization or online marketing company, they are legitimate, good at their work, do not need spam. Your mailbox is six dozen a day, if you contact by phone, remember that this is not any form of high pressure Sales, for example, ask for your credit/debit card number immediately to get the amazing offers they only offer today, just hang up the phone because they are not trustworthy. If your search engine optimization is not just sitting there waiting for others to contact you, ask around to see who is using other companies and whether these companies are getting results. Search the Internet yourself. If a big city near you optimizes Manchester through search engines Come search for local companies, or search engine optimization in London, because if the company is local, you can go to their office to see if they are legal, and if you have a problem, you can solve it yourself.

Remember, a good search engine optimization company should be easy to communicate, speak simple English, be able to provide details of their recent achievements, and show you the true results of “competitive keywords”. You should always contact these companies directly. Claim to work to ensure. Finally, we all know the most common online scams. Many of us laugh at those poorly patched and poorly worded emails, asking us to provide bank information, or asking for a management fee to get people we didn’t even participate in. The lottery wins the jackpot, but the biggest scam at the moment is search engine optimization. Thousands of people and companies are deceived every day, but they never know that no one in this industry will be prosecuted for shutting down thousands of people, because they are not committing crimes at this moment. I hope this change , But at the same time, be vigilant. .

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