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In order to maximize your website traffic through search engines you need to focus on Big3!

Who are the Big Three? They are Google. MSN and Yahoo search. This article will take you to understand these three search engines and what results you can get from them on a short-term and long-term basis.

As a search engine, Google still dominates, and Yahoo and MSN will be the next two options for leveraging the search market. Although in general, Google is a clear leader, as the first choice for Internet users to find things of interest on the Internet, this is not necessarily in all categories. In some categories, you will find that website traffic from MSN and Yahoo searches far exceeds Google.

Therefore, when optimizing your website, it is important not only to target Google, but also to all the Big Three (Google, MSN, and Yahoo).

Some of our websites have already obtained the top 10 rankings and the first position on the main keywords of MSN. In contrast, Google may take 3 times the time.

Although Googlebot will find a new website quickly, usually only a business name can quickly get a high ranking, not your main keyword. Usually, a new website listed in Google search results will not get a high ranking for many months, and it will take more than six months for very competitive keywords. It is said that Google likes unique content; therefore, for those who are not in such a competitive market and offer something new and different, the top ten websites can reach within a month or two.

As it takes a lot of time to reach these rankings, it is important that your website is always monitored and keywords are tracked regularly to ensure that you stay ahead of the competition. Continuous optimization of your website may be necessary to ensure that you not only reach the top rankings in the first place, but you also maintain them.

Note: Using a professional search engine marketing company like Quantum Web Solutions will benefit you a lot in achieving these rankings. We also know various technologies that help drive traffic to your website faster.

Big Three

Google search: For those who monitor their website statistics (this is highly recommended if you want to make sure your website is running well), you will notice that Google spiders can access your website as long as your website is launched for the first time one day. However, unless your website offers something new or unique, at this time, you are unlikely to get a high ranking for anything other than your business name in a short period of time.

It is also possible that there are keywords that get higher rankings, but if they are competitive keywords in a competitive market, then this will be very unlikely. If the service or product you provide is new and/or unique, then you definitely have more chances to achieve these high rankings because Google likes new content.

For a very competitive market, you can view keywords that have lasted more than six months to bring the search engine traffic you want. In these cases, if you need to increase traffic quickly, we recommend setting up a pay-per-click campaign. There are other resources that can help your website traffic faster than this, and we can provide them as part of our service.

For new and/or unique website products, Google will give high rankings faster for the following reasons:

This is an opportunity to provide new things to the WWW.

There is less competition, so there are not so many search results to compete; therefore, if your website is properly optimized, reaching high rankings will be easier and faster.

MSN Search: Generally speaking, MSN can not only find a new website faster and list it, but if your website is properly optimized, you may get it in MSN search results in less than a month High ranking, even in a relatively competitive market. This is by no means a guarantee, but I have seen this happen many times.

Therefore, although MSN search usually does not bring you the same traffic as Google search; it does have an advantage over Google, in the short term it will attract more visitors to your website.

Yahoo Search: Although Yahoo Search can bring steady traffic to your website; the challenge is to be listed first with them. I have seen websites that were included and listed by YahooSpider within a month, but this is rare. Normally, it takes at least three months for Yahoo to visit your website, if not more, no matter what technology is used. However, once Yahoo search finds a website, it does not take long to get a good ranking and start to drive traffic to the website.

There are many different search engines, but many of them search directly from a Big3 search result. By focusing most of your search engine marketing efforts on these three areas, you are likely to see website traffic from other search engines.

For anyone new to search engine marketing, the process of achieving high rankings for your business can be daunting. However, as long as there is the right method and focus, you will soon see string results not only from the Big3 search engine, but also from many other sources on the web. With the continuous development of the search engine market, the way that search engines list websites in search results is also constantly evolving.

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