Forget the page rank it

about a day three times I was asked, “How can I get a good page rank?” I told them, fearing a new page rank websites like weekend jogger thinking the same high-altitude training.

If you don’t know the page rank (PR), Google will give a page 10 points. To understand your page ranking, you must download the Google Toolbar from

Google’s Australian website has a PR rate of 8/10, while itself has a PR rate of 10/10. Many people think that public relations is the main factor that determines the top ranking of a webpage in Google. What a bunch of nonsense! (I don’t know what it is, I just like to say it). Google looks at the information on the page first, and then other content, so if you want to rank high on Google, focus on creating good content first, and then consider page ranking.

A search engine optimization vandals

who is actually more like a page rank to break the deadlock. It’s like a little extra training to get the athlete to cross the bottom line. When Google sees that the relevance of two pages is equal to the search results, the last thing to consider is page ranking. When all other factors are the same, the higher the PR, the higher the ranking.

In my Melbourne-based search engine optimization business, I often rank pages that have a 0PR higher than those 4/10, 5/10 or even 8/10. The key is to focus on your keywords, such as your page title, article title, and especially text links.

Positioning text

open another browser window, enter the word “Failure” in Google, and then return here …. Go ahead… I’ll wait. Funny? Bush Jr.’s biography ranks first. Interestingly, the word “failure” does not appear in Dubia’s biography. He is at the top of the list because many bloggers associate the word “failure” with his website. If you look closely, you will find that there are also some left-wing politicians there.

Search engines like to see keywords in your anchor text or links. Google believes that the most important “click here” site in the world is adobeacrobat. I think they are also a bit right, when you consider that there are thousands of web pages linking “click here” to download adobeacrobat. Once again, the word “click here” will not appear on Adobe pages.

These two examples promote the idea that the more links you return to the site, the higher your ranking. Again, this is true if you have completed the work on your own web page.

For example, if I want to rank high in “Melbourne Online Marketing” (I live in Melbourne, Australia), then I’d better create a page with the title of this page, maybe the title of an article, and of course it is also included in the article Main body, and in a link. I should do this, and then I go to try to get thousands of backlinks with online marketing Melbourne in them. This is what I call the lazy search engine optimization method. Before you try to retrieve the link, pay attention to your web page.

PR is very important

for example, you are in a highly competitive rankings space. Maybe you want to rank for phrases like “appearing on the first page of Google.” I’ve been ranking in this area for a while. But recently someone pushed me to second place. I really don’t mind, because that guy attended one of my SEO seminars. Web search engine optimization are equal, but his higher page rank, the top-ranked Therefore, instead of trying to improve your page rank, you should increase the quality of links back to your site. I mean getting links from similar pages. This can play a role. First, it will generate targeted traffic back to your website. Second, it will provide a path for search engine robots to find you, and third, it will increase your page ranking, but this should not be the main reason for link building.

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