Free search engine optimization (SEO) tips – step by step,

there are so many websites on the internet, it is necessary to promote and optimize your website. A new website needs to be visible to search engines. Before submitting your website to search engines, it is very important to optimize your website. If you cannot afford search engine optimization services, be sure to follow our several search engine optimization tips to make your website in the best position in the search engines.

Step 1 – Analyze your competitors

start the best way to optimize your site is to analyze your competitors. Take a look at the top (top 10) webpages currently ranking on Google and see how these webpages get these rankings.

Analysis related to your branch office top ten websites

analyzed keywords they are using

look at their source code, meta tags

look at their keyword density

look at their comment tag, alt tags, title tags

on their websites internal and external links

and see how many sites link to them

to check the quality of links and link popularity of your competitor’s website

and see how many pages they have

, after all, you can tell beat the opponent is easy or not easy.

Step 2 – Start to improve your website with quality content

When you optimize your website always use keyword in the meta tag reflected in your web page. If the page has nothing to do with the subject, it will not help your search engine rankings.

third step. Choose the right keywords.

As mentioned earlier, analyze your competitors, but don’t use the same keywords and description tags. There are two great resources to find the most effective keywords. – Overture – text tracker

Step 4. Create meta tags – title tags

The most important tag is the Title tag, because it is located on the homepage of the website and many search engines use it. The title tag should be short (about 14 words), descriptive and focused. The title appears on the first line of the search engine.

Step 5. Create meta tags-description tags The next important meta tag is the description tag. It describes the page content

should not exceed 120 characters

description is for the search engines instead of seeing the audience

to step 6. Creating meta tags – keywords mark

the most important keywords of your website represent

we recommend to use 5 keywords separated by commas

one keyword should have 1-3 words

Step 7. Creating a meta tag – the robot mark

8 Step-Check your website URL before submitting to search engines.

Your website should be in good condition:

no broken links,

no spelling mistakes

have a good design

no html tag mistakes

have a map you

Step 9 – submit your site to search engines

Submit your website to the most important search engine and it will bring you the most traffic. Please make sure to submit your URL to,,,,,, for free ,,,, Open Directory (ODP provides core directory services for some of the most popular portals and search engines, including AOL search, Netscape search, Google directory, Yahoo directory , Lycos, DirectHit, HotBot, MSN and hundreds of other websites). DMOZ and Yahoo directory listings are very valuable. There are many free and paid search engines and directories that need to be submitted, but if you don’t have time to search and submit, you can also use our search engine submission service.

Step 10-Build your link visibility (off-page optimization) The next important step you should do for your website is to build your link visibility. Link popularity refers to the number and quality of other websites that link to your website. The top ranking depends on your link popularity. It can be achieved by creating a quality non-reciprocal and reciprocal link from related websites and internet directories, blogs, forum sites 鈥

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