Good character and good reputation, not always synonymous with

a “good” character and a “good” reputation is fundamentally different. Your personality is made up of many internal factors, which may or may not be expressed publicly. Your reputation is what the outside world thinks of your character. The interrelationship between the two can be very complicated.

For example, over a long period of time, Bernie Madoff’s financial reputation allowed him to steal millions of dollars from investors. He is able to maintain a good public image as an investment advisor and gain the trust of his clients.

As we know now, his character is not admirable, and from the eyes of investors, regulators, and legal institutions, it only became apparent after a long time.

On the other hand, the career of actor Mel Gibson (Mel Gibson) was troubled by anti-Semitic rants and abuse of a female partner. His public profile is so high that he recently became the target of a fundraiser for a synagogue in California because he hinted that donations would prove that he was not an anti-Semitist. This may help repair his public image.

In fact, no matter what the personality defect is, Mel Gibson will regularly but quietly engage in philanthropy. He donated $5 million to the Mount Sinai Hospital, a Jewish medical institution, as a testament to his generosity.

Although Bernie Madoff’s reputation is certainly irretrievable (which is correct), Mel Gibson should consider using some reputation repair. Especially on the Internet, its tentacles are global and instant.

Companies like List My Business provide ORM (online reputation management) services for individuals and companies that have been hit by online news or posts. Unfortunately, since the Internet is a rich source of information, it may be an evil beast, where attacks are unregulated. Large forums have a lot of traffic, no matter what the post, it will rank high in any search. Typing your name on Google or other similar search tools, or your company name, may bring you a very bad surprise.

ORM company lists my business and performs dual tasks. Not only do they try to rank negative posts to the bottom of the search list (where they are actually invisible), but they can also improve your online image. Your personality may be familiar to your family, friends, and business partners, but not seen by the huge audience on the Internet. They can only know your reputation, the outward manifestation of your inner character. For the whole world, this is all there is. If this reputation is damaged, it is very important for companies and individuals to immediately control the loss by consulting companies that specialize in ORM. If your character is like a bright beam of light around you, make sure your public image has been polished to look like a mirror.

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