Google evolution or revolution?

A start there is a network, in order to find something on the Internet, you need a

search tool for webmasters to build their website based on their ideas for people

want to see the smallest search engine optimization.

Search the beginning is easy, but with the development of the Internet and the development of

viable commercial route, but also the world’s source of

information search more and more difficult to manage, the risk is also growing. As

being the use of commercial potential of the Web, is money

that provides the primary motivation for an online service for many companies

in the index and

store the information in the world

whether it is commercial motivation or the information is free of

struggle itself rankings in the “search engines” in the Internet

Start in a very big way. Search engine optimization

which is a market-oriented skills, but also places where people fight for the championship

will soon be forgotten, past and present sites are under construction to accommodate the search

machine – engine. Therefore, a series of new problems

with the “search engine spam” continues to battle out of control

every measure millions of webmasters try and guess Google taken to curb

over-optimized websites. Information is obvious

cheating, new search technology will make your site be banned or split screen – Maybe.

With the advent of super sites, massive database driven auto generated sites

designed to capture as much free search traffic

further warming, Google creates a revenue model –Adwords, and allowed

to sell their products to the site administrator via adsense

website. This in turn encourage webmasters to get as much free traffic

as Google is the single best source of free web traffic

webmasters are building more SE spam! So in fact, Google now

this is their own problem. We are seeing now is a rather unstable search index, Google’s position

out of concern that they constantly update technology to deal with spam

but with the change in the algorithm, storage and crawl

in many legitimate webmasters view, this technology has just become a reality

more unstable and more unpredictable. Google has changed the entire industry

to spring-up-linkbuilding for example, it is a profession based on inbound

links to a website to help your SE rankings. This is more suitable

because it is the key to their search algorithm.

Advance forward search relevance is still and will always be the most important of

any search engine, important factors include Google, they are to survive. Their

ability to solve such a large problem of storage and crawling might be

telling that Google SERP recent volatility shows that is not the case very well, they might be a giant, but they also face enormous challenges.

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