Google indexed faster,

there is a simple way to be in Google’s index. How fast is it? We are not talking about months or weeks. We talked for a few days.

Ah, the process

go to your Google account. If you don’t have one, just make one. There you can find webmaster tools. Click it and add the url.

If your site or blog has an RSS feed, please add it as a sitemap.

This is good for certifying your website, but this is for experienced webmasters.

Well, with Google Webmaster Tools, we are done. Now you need to get some one-way links from sites that have been indexed in Google, because they are systematically crawled by Google robots. Adding your links to the table of contents will not help you index quickly, because it takes weeks, even months, until your links will be eased. You have to find the website where you can leave your link without restraint.

Well, there are not many ways to do this. You must use a free advertising blog, and your post will be published after you press the “Post your ad” button and the free advertising forum.

but. . . It is not that simple. If you just leave your link there, it won’t help much, because your link is of low value to Google. You have to add some content. Write a review of your website. Don’t forget to use keywords, they are related to your website. It’s best to have the most important keywords in the title and first paragraph. Try to write a review that is at least 200 words long.

Another method is to publish related articles and leave links in the resource box or text. Do this on at least 3-5 different advertising blogs and forums.

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