Google Love – make Google fall in love with your site’s Five Tips

trying to fight Google or be smarter is meaningless,

erroneous and destructive attitudes

learn to love Google, use it to replace it – it will

take you The stream is sent to the stream of people. It’s very simple if

you follow these simple instructions.

Google loves. .
Google and all of its programs are not enemies of some kind-

unless you are a cyber scumbag, that is.

Google’s philosophy is to help people find

what they are looking for

this is all

sat statement above. Consider it if necessary.

With EFT

But to understand a no unique content pointless website

put Coulee or other outfit will not succeed

using their techniques and methods.

You can buy books and ebooks until your wallet in the “how to do” bleed on

to cheat Google “this and that – forget it

unless you have some of the things people really want

when they find to be thankful, because no hope

then read on does not make sense

at the same time, trying to compete with Google or smarter is impossible

pointless, destructive and the wrong attitude.

learn to love Google and cooperate with it.

If you have content that you follow the simplest

common spider robot courtesy protocols, then it will come

it will index you

it is your (customers,

individuals, communities, friends) and your site.

That’s what it does, it is this, it is only natural

if you know, then all is well.

Next you will get good results.

Dress up for Google. .
So now, let’s have a decent website and decent content.

A decent website means:

links to all the pages and directories are working properly
so that Google easily slide from one place

to another, never come across annoying dead end;

all the pages have been cleaned up, so you have the absolute
minimum html instructions and any unwanted

there, such as a large number of pointless java scripts or

appalling “mso” instructions;

all pages have the correct meta tags
reflect their contents, including the title , content,

description, keywords minimum;

all pages have a proper title and description
of your meta tags matching content;

all images are correctly labeled title and alt
live on your own website

decent content Means:

No matter what you have, it is useful. If it is unique, so much
better, it is not difficult. You need to do is

you use your own words, even if you are a subsidiary company –

Write your own comments, paste a picture of your own dog’s

unique, be yourself

no matter what you have, I’m sure some people would like
to see, read , Do something. There are billions of

people outside. As long as you know who your person is

Write to them

decent content also means that you have is the presentation of the
so Google and humans understand everything


when your site up and running, test, test, test.

On your own computer, someone who attempts each hyperlink

on a variety of browsers.

Only when you are happy to get everything to work, we will go

to step 3

Let Google see you
you need to link at least 35 individual face to your site

Google will notice you and you begin to pay attention.

Please note that the “one ring” is- is not equal to, yes.

This, even far from

similar to any changes, including

all, each one, each of which is treated as a separate link –

when you need 35 addresses


so now, to “decent links” section.

That has not been incorporated into the Google index, or no website

until 1993990, Google search of its kind

worthless to you

to find the directory listing ranking for your website and list your

right there. This applies to the

link from another site, whether it is signed the guest book or

to place items. Don’t waste your time on anything

Will not appear in Google’s own top ten.

Now you have a date with Google.

Our next step is to build a relationship – we proved

in other words, over time, value and value.

This is the next popular reminds us of Google – seniority and


when Google call came in there!
Make sure you have an uptime of 99% or better ISP-

which of course is essential

never any reason to put your website removed to

gradually change the

most important thing is to get the best you can afford the tracking software

to find out who has come, and what they come


it is the key to long-term success – to find what you’re doing

okay, and then expand it. For example, if a person came

“snark” The word from Google (or any other search engine) search,

then build on that basis. Write more articles about snarks what do

do them and without them, how to avoid them, collect snark

words, the image becomes any

snark inquiry

in your professional basis and then build a network directory, guest

articles, comments, and then we exceeded 3/4

real network status and Google to your site to respond to changes

immediately, this is what we want.

Has been in progress
the last secret of success is to continue to progress.

A year ago you write html or php pull out – I bet you can do

better now

Check your meta tags and your copy of the website, and improve both.

Name your web pages, pictures and directories better. Improving

site content, structure and navigation.

Keeping with the directory listing and submission –

directories come and go, you need to have been there with

“the latest technology”

continue to do useful links exchange with matching high ranked

sites too, increasing the value and unique content

and clean, showing good page.

This is the most important thing – hold on

continuous improvement

to create a named according to the following steps

decent content – and you’ll see your

Google ranking

Good luck, happy, Sylvia 🙂

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