Google optimization

search engine optimization not only to rank in the search engines, but mainly in order to get a good click-through rate from the targeted visitors there. This means that your website should show keywords related to your content or topic in the search results of search engines.

Not surprisingly, as more and more companies realize the importance of getting high rankings here, the competition for Google Optimization is getting fiercer, but it is also one of the most “user-friendly” search engines! Google updates frequently, deeply indexes many pages on the site, and is good at ignoring sites that try to “spam” lists by using unethical techniques.

Points to get a higher Google ranking:

Put keywords in the URL: The

most important elements for inserting keywords are the URL (domain name path file name) and the page title. In addition, low-level URLs are considered more important than high-level URLs.

Page title:

Pay more attention to the title of the page you want to rank. Don’t target more than two to three keyword phrases. Worry about the proximity and prominence of the main keywords. I mean, put your more important words at the beginning of the title, in the correct order, next to each other, and make sure that the target keywords account for a high percentage (but not 100%) of all words in the title.

Google website submission:

great, you are all ready. Now you should submit your website to Google, right? uncertain. Let Google find you. How Google discovers that you can influence your page ranking. I am not saying that submitting to Google will be subject to standard penalties. I have been proving this for some time.

Improve the quality of backlinks:

Backlinks help our website be indexed by search engines faster. This is the first thing you need to know. No matter how good your website is, without any backlinks from other websites, your website is like a great shopping mall deep in the jungle. It is difficult for people to find and visit your website.

Google Analytics:

Using Google Analytics as the only information on the effectiveness of promotional activities may produce distorted and incorrect descriptions of what is actually happening. The naughty software used by Google in the analysis program was deprived of many functions and the output was delayed, as was widely discussed on the webmaster forum, full of flaws. The most famous step backward is the slowdown of the website, because the JavaScript provided by Google connects to the Google server every time. Well, this is free, so no claims can be made. So check this fact when you have performance issues.

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