Google Places successful listing of issues that need to avoid the

1: Google to place more business with the same title page

is best to have a good list on the googleplaces. Your business should not have multiple Google Places entries. If you are in an office building, please use the suite number. The same applies to multiple locations on your Google Places. Use a new login page for each city or location. This will ensure that Google will not confuse your login.

2: Phone number (800)

Using local numbers instead of 1-800 phone numbers can improve your ranking. Do not use call center numbers if possible.

3: PO Box

Google delete the e-mail address. This is because Google doesn’t consider a post office box to be the actual location of your business. If your website only displays one email address, then this will have a negative impact on your Google Places ranking.

4: hide your address in your Google Places

Do not hide your address in your googleplaces entry. If you do this, it is likely that your business will not show up unless it is an exact search. If you are in an office building, make sure to use the suite number to distinguish your business.

5: placing multiple Google pages with the same phone number

for each of your business should have its own list of phone numbers. Although it is possible to have a number for several businesses, this does give others the impression that it is spam or not real, thereby driving away potential customers. Multiple googleplaces listings may negatively affect your website listings.

6: negative comments

negative comments will reduce the click-through rate, and therefore less impact on potential customers. However, it takes a few negative comments to make your ratings drop. Minimize negative comments.

In addition, you can also get a negative comment with a public answer or comment. Try to be friendly and objective, and don’t argue.

On the other hand, encourage your good customers to write positive reviews, and then a negative review will disappear between all positive reviews.

7: category local keywords when you submit your site to Google, you can recommend your own categories. However, don’t add local keywords, as this will cause your ranking to drop, which also violates Google’s guidelines. For example, you want to be listed as a medical marketing agency. Don’t put “Ventura Medical Marketing” in your local city, Ventura.

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