googleadwords change the landing page quality score algorithm

last week, Google changed its algorithm to determine the mass fraction of its publication in the Adwords pay per click program in the login page. This development has had a significant impact on rankings and the cost of clicks paid by advertisers. This is done to increase the relevance of paid search results and try to improve the user experience.

What is Google’s quality score?

Google’s Quality Score is a scoring number used to measure the relevance of your login page to the keywords you are bidding on. The quality score is appropriate to keep the payment results as relevant as possible in the Google search.

How does Google determine the quality score of the landing page?

Google’s quality score is a fully automated system that determines this number. Since no one is involved at this point, this is entirely determined by the content that Google’s robots can read. If you don’t have the relevant text, H1, meta tags, keywords, and description on your landing page, your quality score is likely to be greatly affected.

The effects of low mass fraction of

low quality scores will lead to a third of what you place in Google’s campaign.

Your ad will be pushed up and down on the first few pages of results for each keyword.

You will see a huge spike in your cost per click (this is because low-rated pages cost more money to be listed).

Your keywords will become “inactive searches”, which means that your quality score and the highest cost per click bid are not high enough for the total score to even make paid search results.

How to improve low quality scores a low quality score only by improving the relevance of your page, your keywords you are bidding. I personally recommend creating at least 1 landing page for each ad group in your ad campaign. This may take some time or money, but this action will reduce your bidding costs and improve your paid results ranking, which can easily save you thousands of dollars a year.

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