have you heard of it?

Kooday is the latest search engine to enter the Internet market. It is a multilingual library that contains every word and phrase known to mankind. Not only can you search like Google, Yahoo, or many other Internet surfers’ choices, but as a member, you can earn income. This is my honest evaluation.

In today’s rapidly changing Internet world, one thing remains the same. The search engine market has always been dominated by a few hybrid companies such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. They earn huge income by charging advertising fees.

If you know that the advertising cost of each advertisement is very high, the advertising cost of each advertisement is very high.

This new search engine offers cash payments to members, which means that every time someone uses your keywords, you get paid.

It seems very simple. But how to do it? You might think.

When someone buys your keywords, they always have to pay more than 15% of the purchase price for the keywords. Keyword purchases start at 10 cents. This is just one of the benefits provided by Kooday.

What is Kooday’s minimum investment? The minimum investment is only $5. AlertPay ( can be used to deposit money.

Kooday is different from any other Internet search engine.

Here are five reasons to use Kooday instead of other search engines: Do

other search engines allow you to have keywords? No, they don’t, but Cudi does. Having keywords allows you to make money on your own.

When you advertise with other companies, do they allow payment after seeing the results? No, they don’t, but Cudi does.

Will other search engines pay their members the remaining income? Most people don’t, but Cudi does.

Tell someone about this, and then accept the commission. You get paid when keywords are purchased or websites are linked. Imagine how human language is available?

Those with popular keywords will get bonuses. Once you think of a wonderful keyword, you must own it.

How to join?


– step instructions 1- Register a new Alert Pay account (this is a free account, you must have it to transfer your income from Kooday)

2- Click this link to register a free account in Kooday .

3- We will send you a confirmation email immediately. Follow the instructions in the email to confirm.

4- Now that the registration is complete, you can log in to your Kooday account.

[Bonus] 5- You will be sent to a really useful link to a video that makes huge profits with Cudi. This guy, Eric, made $40,000 in the first 30 days!

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