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the top ten search engine rankings. Everyone wanted it, and only a few realized it. Search engines have always been an important source of traffic for many marketers. Achieving high search engine rankings should be one of your goals, because it is profitable in the long run.

But what prevents some people from achieving the rankings they dream of?

Indeed, a few years ago, it was very easy to get a high ranking. You only need to set up a site, optimize it a lot on the page, and bam, you can quickly and easily appear in the top list.

Today, this situation has completely changed. On major search engine result pages (serp) like Google and Yahoo, it is becoming more and more difficult to obtain or even maintain a good ranking. Some of these reasons are:

(1) competition

more competitive. More and more websites appear every day, and everyone is working hard to promote their own website, so pages and websites are added to the SERP. For example, Google’s index now has more than 8 billion pages.

(2) Search engine algorithms change

with changes in search engine algorithms, in order to figure out how to get top-ranking ranking or maintain the existing ranking will become more complex.

(3) search engine harsher

make any stupid mistakes all the cost on your website high. When you promote your website, you should be careful. For example, you can have hidden text or links on your website, you don’t know, you can punish.

If this is not a mistake, you may link to a bad website and devalue your website.

what should you do? But you don’t need to modify your website link every time, and you don’t need to modify it either. Most importantly, the links on many similar and related websites are still very valuable to get the highest ranking. You should get these links often, because this is the core component of getting a good ranking in SERP no matter what. Part of what you should do. You can be sure that in every algorithm change, high-quality links are still important.

The following are two ways of getting website links and higher rankings in major search engines methods:

(1) interconnected

Some say that the value of reciprocal links is declining, but still worth getting. If you are exchanging links with websites on similar or related topics, this will do you more good than bad. So don’t stop getting these types of links. A link is a link, and it will bring you the benefits you can imagine in many ways. A link can not only help you better place search engines, but also get traffic from the link alone.

I know this because I get a lot of traffic from my link partners. If you can find it on the homepage, so much the better. So don’t underestimate mutual connections. They are still working. Many websites with high search engine positioning have mutual links, so they still have great value. A network is just a network where websites are connected to each other to some extent. Links are the form of the Internet.

(2) one-way links

on the other hand, one-way links are the best, because they are separate vote. Other sites link to you without linking back. These links are difficult to obtain.

Some good methods are:

(i) Build a useful website and allow others to link to you for free by providing necessary materials, such as text links or banners. Text links are better because you can include your target keywords in them. Some people will even link to you, just because your website has good content, they will find a way to link to you, usually just take your homepage title. I have seen.

(2) Purchase text ads on other quality-related websites. This will give you traffic and automatically benefit from your ranking.

(3) Write articles that readers are interested in and submit them to other websites that accept articles. In your author attribution, you have a link to your website. Well, this will definitely help your traffic, contact gas and rankings. But to better improve your ranking, take a look at section (4), which reveals how to use article marketing strategies to use your target keywords in your anchor text for one-way inbound links.

(Iv) Create a section on your website to allow others to repost your article. Provide them with accurate html code so they can easily copy and paste it on their website. Don’t forget, if the author shouldn’t modify it. Therefore, by facilitating their tasks, you can ensure that your articles are distributed more quickly online.

In your author attribution, be sure to place an anchor text with your target keywords in the link to your site. This is why the author’s attribution is very beneficial to your ranking. This is not just a url, but a keyword-targeted url. Imagine that your reposted article page has received considerable traffic, and you have increased the chance of getting some people interested in republishing your work online. Over time, you will increase your link popularity and get higher rankings.

Well, you work hard to produce high-quality content, and it can pay yourself many times. An article can be published on hundreds of websites. If your URL is auto-encoded anchor text and contains your target keywords, you will have 100 one-way keyword-rich inbound links. What’s the value of that? I let you know. It takes time, work and patience to get high search engine rankings, but if you are serious about your business and you stay here for a long time, you should spend some time every day doing some search engine promotion. In the long run, you will be rewarded for the work you are doing.

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