How do bots affect your website?

First, if we start talking about bots and how they affect your website, we must define the word itself. A “bot” is an Internet program whose purpose is to scan every page of your website, analyze its content, classify it, and then include it in a database.

If we take the Google search engine as an example, then we can consider three well-known Google robots AdSense robot, Freshbot and DeepCrawl.

What does AdSense do on your website?

This bot will browse your website, once someone loads your page, or scan the content of the page at least within 15 minutes. You can guess that this bot is used by web designers who have AdSense code on the site. If the page has enough relevant content, then the subject area can be easily identified. After that, the robot will provide you with advertisements on this topic. For example, if your website is about cars, the AdSense robot that recognizes keywords will display relevant advertisements on the corresponding topic. The positioning of ads is very important; they should be placed where they can be seen most easily.

You can “allow” or “not allow” AdSense crawlers to enter your site. But if you don’t want the program to crawl into your page, the AdSense robot can’t decide what ads to display.

Why does Freshbot visit your page?

Freshbot is another search robot. It will crawl into your website, identify the most popular pages, and index them, regardless of how many pages your website has. This search bot is not a daily visitor to your website; it visits your page once in two days on average, but if your website becomes popular (with many visitors) or is constantly updated, the traffic will surge. Very popular websites are updated every minute, such as, and can even be crawled every 5 to 10 minutes. The main task of Freshbot is to scan the page and collect all the links and put them in the database. Then, this database is provided to another robot called DeepCrawl, which will scan all the given links.

What is deep climbing?

Compared with AdSense and Freshbot, this computer program won’t make your website visit frequently. It is only done once a month. As mentioned above, this search bot starts scanning the links received from Freshbot and adds them to the index. Since DeepCrawl visits the website less frequently than people expect, it takes a lot of time for the index results to be added to the googlesitemap. Unfortunately, we are powerless with this search robot’s algorithm; in this case, we can only wait. The development of UK internet marketing and UK link popularity will help you work to get valuable deep links to your website.

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