How to Avoid “baby talk” SEO copywriting and marketing

Have you ever met a person, specifically an adult companion, use baby language and talk to you? It’s annoying, isn’t it? Try to do this to someone you don’t know, and you ask to be punched. But this is exactly what some people do in their search engine optimization work. I will try my best to explain.

Suppose a friend of yours is optimizing his site for New York Widgets. He is very interested in getting search rankings, so he strives to move forward. He is the kind of person who doesn’t think clearly before doing things. This is obvious again when you check his newly optimized website at his request.

Here is an example of what you see:

“New York gadgets-this is what you are looking for. We know gadgets in New York and sell them at the lowest price. Other New York gadget sellers think they know New York gadgets, but They don’t understand. They don’t understand New York gadgets at all. On the other hand, we live and breathe New York gadgets. That’s why we sell the best New York gadgets… Wait. ”

I don’t know yours. Circumstances, but I want to find a phone number to call this company, so that I can confirm whether there is an 8-year-old child running this company. But this is exactly the kind of copy you find on many websites. They are so obsessed with clicking keywords that they produce pure nonsense.

Don’t get me wrong-sometimes Google and other search engines reward this kind of stuff. Don’t ask me why. If I can answer this question, I can tell you why my marketing website is sometimes surpassed by fortune teller websites in rankings. Don’t be kidding.

The question is what happens once a potential customer arrives and starts reading the copy. The bounce rate of these sites is staggering. It scared the business away. Quickly. When optimizing your copy, you must consider the entire sales process. Remember, rankings are an important part of online success, but if you can’t sell, does it really matter how high you are?

You must strike a balance between the pursuit of keyword rankings and the other processes of selling your products or services. Most visitors will not immediately buy something from you just because they have followed your link. Your website statistics will tell you this.

Read it a few times before you release a copy of your website to the world. Let it sit for a while, and then read it again from a whole new perspective. Let friends or family members also come to read. Your website copy does need optimization and the existence of keywords, but if you provide SEO services similar to baby talk, you will quickly go bankrupt. Remember, next time you sit in front of the editor.

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