How to Avoid your search engine optimization company to deceive

search engine optimization (SEO) can be a time-consuming and tedious task, even for experienced professionals. Outsourcing this to a company is a good thing and can save you a lot of time and problems. However, what you need to know is that among the good companies, some companies will adopt the “black hat” search engine optimization strategy, which will make you encounter a lot of trouble on the search engines, not to mention all the sales that will appear. loss.

Let me first explain the meaning of the “black hat” tactics. This is the time when search engine optimization companies do not follow the rules of search engines and try to deceive them. For example:

SPAM export:

doorway pages:

Hidden text

Keyword filling:

Link Spam:

Mirror sites:


In order to avoid free-riding companies, or worse still in danger of being banned search engines, it is best to take some precautions . First educate yourself on the basic rules of search engine optimization. Don’t close your eyes to sign the contract.

The rules are simple:

make your website full of quality content

is linked to good free site is a good resource who your visitors

Optimize your website by sprinkling your keywords rather than filling keywords

your visitors favorable The stuff will also be good for search engine robots.

Don’t indulge or let your search engine optimization company do any of the above.

Here are some things to check with search engine optimization companies.

What methods will they use to get you into the top 10?

What services do they plan to include in the package they offer you?

They will focus on Google, Yahoo and MSN these three search engines

whether they guarantee your site will be at least until these three search engines 10.

Look at their experience and see if they have a letter of recommendation or how long they have been in the business.

What are the specific start-up costs and maintenance costs to maintain your good position.

Make sure you have a formal contract and write it on paper. This can be faxed, not emailed. Make sure you know why you are paying and there are no hidden costs.

Pay attention to “black hat” techniques and make sure that they are not used. Check other sites they have worked for.

You can check the source code by going to “View” to check any HTML code and markup that are not compatible with the search engine.

Check the content, it is optimized correctly, without using any keyword filling technique.

Directly with the search engine optimization company and show that you don’t want any of these “black hat” tactics. With these points, you can save yourself a lot of time and problems. Before outsourcing important tasks like search engine optimization, it is wise to think about it. When you do this, you can avoid being deceived by your SEO company and getting into unnecessary problems. Choose the most competitive price. Make sure you are in close contact with your search engine optimization company, because they will be your strong partner in your website promotion.

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